Here's what happened last weekend: I talked to a friend on the phone, and she was telling me how all sorts of weird coincidences are happening in her life.

I admit I was feeling quite jealous, since she was obviously in tune with something I am trying so hard to get in touch with. As part of our conversation, she told me how she had been to Cincinnati. I am from Europe, so U.S. geography is not one of my strong points. I was listening to her quietly, not wanting to reveal my lack of knowledge, but thought, I don't even know if that's a city or a state (embarrassing, I know). And I had even played a U.S. geography game online a few days earlier, trying to drop the states into the right place on the map.

Our conversation ended, and a couple of hours later my phone rang. I didn't pick up, and nobody left a message. I checked the caller ID display (which as long as I can remember either says "name unknown" or the name of the caller) and read "Cincinnati, OH." I thought, at least now I know it's a city in Ohio.

When I was unable to get back to sleep after nursing my son during the night, my thoughts went back to the message on the caller ID. I started laughing pretty hard when I finally realized who had called.

— JC.M., Redondo Beach, CA