Wholesale Purchasing
Bookmark this page and come back here to place your wholesale orders.

If you have a current wholesale account with us, you must sign in to your wholesale account before you can view and order items eligible for wholesale purchasing.

You will not see the products available for wholesale purchase
until you sign in to your wholesale account, then
scroll down to the bottom of this page.

If you are not already signed in, click here.

Once you are signed in, use your bookmark to come back to this page.
(There's also a link to "Wholesale Purchasing" at the bottom of every web page that will bring you back here.)

If you are already signed in, scroll down to view the available wholesale products.

Only the items that appear below after you've signed in are available for wholesale purchase. The wholesale discount is included in the price when you order the products listed below.

You may still order retail-only items if you wish, through our Retail Online Catalog. Those items will appear in your cart with the regular retail price.

If you click on any of the links to more information about any product, you must return to the wholesale product page to order at wholesale prices. If you attempt to order from the regular retail pages, you will see only retail prices. If you don't see the word "WHOLESALE" at the beginning of the product name, you are not viewing a wholesale product page.

Payments on Account
Did you know that you can view the balance due on previous orders, and pay that balance online with a credit card? Here's how:

Payment on Account 1

Sign in to your Perelandra wholesale account here.

Click on the "account" link under the Shopping Cart at the top of any Perelandra web page.

Payment on Account 2

On your "My Account" page, scroll down to your list of previous orders.

To view the balance of an order, click the "View Order" button to the right of the order listing.

To make a payment:
When viewing the invoice, scroll down to the red balance due message and click on "Pay Now."

If you are a business and would like to resell Perelandra products:
You may request wholesale purchasing information by contacting us: wholesale@perelandra-ltd.com. Include your name, the name of your business and a brief description of your business in the email.