Perelandra Question Forum
December 1, 2012

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

That's it. I hope everybody has a terrific winter if you're in the northern hemisphere, and a terrific summer if you're in the summer hemisphere. Don't freeze in the north and don't melt in the south. Be safe for the holidays!

— Machaelle

Montclair's Question: I am very grateful for the wisdom you have so graciously shared. It transformed my medical practice and my world around me. Thank you. Do you have any thoughts about Plant or Animal ETS in the context of cooking a meal or even before a harvesting a plant?

Machaelle's Answer: In general, you don't need to incorporate ETS Plus for Animals or Plants when cooking a meal or harvesting. Particularly when the plant or animal was intended to be eaten. However, if you accidentally run over a groundhog and it's dying in a traumatic way, and you plan to eat the road-kill, you might want to give it a dose of ETS Plus for Animals. Consider that a traumatic experience for the groundhog. You might want to release that! The key here is intent.

And with that, I'd like to say, "Merry Christmas" and enjoy your holidays! You may want to carry a bottle of ETS Plus if you're invited to a holiday dinner where someone intends to serve you groundhog! ;-)

Sara's Question: I realize that I want to update my garden DDP intent list and work DDP intent lists and we are almost to winter solstice time. I will check with my teams but wondered what you would say about the timing of updating intents lists when we are past fall equinox and almost to winter solstice time. I never considered these things before. Back to my soup.

Machaelle's Answer: After the winter solstice and before you begin getting the chart information for the new summer garden is the optimal time to make DDP changes. But if you miss that time, you can change your DDP any time, but you're going to have to go back and retest all of the information you've gotten so far in light of the new DDP. Pages 227 - 228 in the new Workbook discuss timing for changing DDPs.

Delyn's Question: Can you explain what a miasm is and how to address one?

Machaelle's Answer: I explain what a miasm is and how to address one with the Perelandra Essences on pages 215 to 219 of The Perelandra Essences book. This will give you all of the information you're asking for.

Gaea's Question: Hi Machaelle, Many blessings come from the essences! Thank you so much! You suggested Immune, Cardiovascular and Lymphatic...I am a heart transplant recipient. I take them every day. I also do the Basic Essences Testing almost every day. As a result I have not needed the second ablation that was recommended for my racing/irregular heart. I am staying steadily out of rhythm, and I am being tracked, but so far, so good, no surgery needed. My kidneys take a big hit from all my transplant medications. I am currently in 3rd stage renal disease. I'm not overly concerned but I would love to see what could help. What might I do to support my kidneys? With gratitude, Gaea

Machaelle's Answer: Add the Urinary System Balancing Solution to the group of MBP Solutions you're already taking (Immune, Lymphatic and Cardivascular). Take them all twice daily. Other than this, it sounds like you're doing well with applying the Solutions and Essences to your particular situation.

NZ's Question: My husband and I have recently purchased a rural block of land which has a lot of a particularly invasive (non-native) shrub already established on it. The local council require us to keep the plant under control with a view to complete eradication as we border on to farm land, and for mature plants this means killing the roots with some sort of chemical after chopping down. How best to go about this work, as it seems it will be an ongoing problem for us; this particular plant has seeds that stay viable in the soil for years. I would prefer to use as little poison as possible, but I also don't want this plant to overwhelm the native grasses and low growing plants that are starting to regenerate. Where to start? I have the new Workbook, and am familiar with the energy processes, but do I class this as a troubleshooting problem, or is there another approach? Many thanks from New Zealand.

Machaelle's Answer: I would definitely use the new Workbook and class this as a Troubleshooting 2.1 problem. Your focus will be your entire block of land. Your goal is to establish a new balance that does not include the invasive plants. You may need to continue removing a certain number of plants, but that will come up in your troubleshooting. You can also ask nature what the most effective method would be for removing the plants in light of the troubleshooting's goals.

Eve's Question: I am wondering whether clearing the space of one's apartment/property (and balancing and stabilizing) should be a SLG project or worked with the troubleshooting processes of the Garden Workbook.

Machaelle's Answer: For an environment, use the new Perelandra Garden Workbook and put the environment through Troubleshooting 2.1.

Frenchvo's Question: Dear Machaelle, How does nature view GMO crops? Will organic crops be able to survive contamination by exposure to GMOs, or the ultra alkalizing effect of chemtrails and various manmade climate manipulation? We know that GMO foods are bad for humans but in addition to a political fight, how can we use your processes and Perelandra’s wonderful products to ensure a long-term ‘natural’ source of food? Thanks for your help and invaluable work!!

Machaelle's Answer: You might try growing your own garden and eating the vegetables out of that. As for those damn chemtrails, I haven't a clue what to tell you! To ensure a "long-term natural source of food," I suggest you follow the guidelines in the new e-book, The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

Paula's Question: I have bees (top bar hive which I think is more holistic) and I was wondering how to prevent disturbing the bees when I need to do hive chores using Perelandra products. I always set my intent & communicate with the hive but would ETS for animals or some other product be appropriate, e.g, using it around the hive prior to and after working with the hive? I have used your products for years and your books have helped me co-create perennial gardens here on the high plains of Colorado, no small feat:)Thanking you & your staff for all your help.

Machaelle's Answer: You're asking the wrong person about your bee problems, you need to ask nature. Why in the world would the bottom hive be any better or worse than the top hive? You may be insulting your bees — that could be the problem!

Jeannette is looking out for you guys again. She just informed me that you're not suggesting the bees in your top hive are more spiritually evolved than those slutty bees in your bottom hive. That it's a type of bee hive. Therefore, your bees probably aren't insulted. (I just Googled "top bar hive" and you're right that does look more bee friendly.) Once again I was confused. But you're still asking the wrong person about your bee problems. Isn't that obvious?! You still need to go to nature on this.

cocreating's Question: I now have gone through your new(est) book on essences (The Perelandra Essences published last year) and love it! Yes, much easier and seems to zero in on what is needed. I am curious, however, how the MBSs fit in with the new ETS+ processes? If I do a basic flower essence test daily, do I still take the MBSs every night? If I take the MBSs every night, do I need to do the daily essence test? Do I take all MBSs nightly, or just the ones I test positive for? How do they fit in with treating for illness or injury? Or for regular maintenance routines - generally speaking? Thank you!!!

Machaelle's Answer: MBP Balancing Solutions and the Perelandra Essences are two completely different things. Generally speaking, you continue taking MBP Solutions nightly even when you are also testing essences throughout the day. For more detail, I'm linking you to the new Perelandra Essences & Solutions Dosage Road Map.

B's Question: Thank YOU Machaelle, for all you add to our lives! For me, it's been life changing. Living in the woods, with lots of wildlife, including deer that bed down a few feet away, I had two deer ticks within two weeks of moving here...Using your guidance, and working in a coning, I've had one deer tick in the past three, friends, clients and animals all remain protected! They have a sweet tooth, those ticks, and a taste of maple syrup is all they ask for..isn't that wonderful and a hoot at the same time!! All your suggestions and processes are marvelous..ask and listen!! AND ACT! I'm grateful! Thank you!!

Machaelle's Answer: Hey, thanks for the tip. I think I'm going to try putting out some maple syrup just to give them a little nice treat! I had no idea! Wouldn't that be a hoot if we were able to control Lyme Disease just by everybody putting out a little bowl of maple syrup?! That would be great!

Swami's Question: My thinking about the government and the military has changed greatly since reading your Mt. Shasta book. One question — that perhaps you can answer, did DDE meet with the Greys during his presidency?

Machaelle's Answer: I haven't a clue. Since I had to ask around the office just now what the hell a "Grey" was, it's obvious I never bothered asking the question. But he hasn't discussed any extra-curricular activity with grey people, blue people, green people or any other color people during his presidency, so I'm suspecting he didn't meet anyone more pesky or weird than members of the U.S. Congress.

Kimberly's Question: Machaelle, I have an answer right in front of me that I'm having trouble believing. I have had MAP sessions regularly for 3 yrs now, I have a PRO-MAP team, and have done hundreds and hundreds of conings in between. Nature healing sessions, soil-less gardens, you name it. I've even more recently developed a stronger psychic alignment and have been able to bring that deeper into my physical body than usual. Now, at some point in all this I've stopped testing for ETS+. I still need the Perelandra essences and I need the ETS+ for calibrations but, never coming into or out of a coning. Not even when I'm upset. Is that normal/ok? I also gave up testing myself for the MBP Solutions this summer as they just were never needed. And yet, I'm not "perfectly" healthy. I've tested my testing back and forwards, my MAP team supports me in believing I don't need these things. Can it be?

Machaelle's Answer: Well, let's see if I can deconstruct this series of questions and give you some kind of an answer! You know, I think your ETS Plus usage might be fine. But your MBP Balancing Solutions testing is a problem — they are not designed to be tested. They are designed to be taken once daily (or twice daily if you're ill). There's nothing to test about that. You are probably trying to check and recheck and recheck your testing way too much, and as a result you've most likely tied it all up into a knot. I question if you're hearing your MAP team accurately, since I have yet to meet a MAP team that has suggested that we don't need the Microbial Balancing Solutions. So I guess my response to you is that you need to relax and step back and stop going at all of this so hard. Your intensity may be causing the problems.

M.L.'s Question: I am starting a work of art dealing with global warming. I have just started learning how to do a SLG. The art work might take at least a month. Do I keep opening and closing a coning every time I put brush to canvas and then stop for a few moments or even days or do I do a one-time coning for the entire time I work on it.

Machaelle's Answer: You do a one-time coning for the entire time you're working on it that day. At the end of the day closing that coning. The day or the next time you return to the project, you re-open your soil-less garden coning.

Rona's Question: I use the Microbial Balancing Programme frequently and think it is just the most incredible thing. If nature or Pan can make a factor x, do you think if at some time if it isn't possible to get the need balancers that we could just ask for the empty pots to be filled with the appropriate energy? With love and much gratitude

Machaelle's Answer: First off, nature and Pan do not create a factor x. You're using "Factor X" to identify something for which you do not currently have a name. And to continue getting the best results from the Microbial Balancing Program, you will need to continue using the balancers in solid form as directed.

Oh, Jeannette just came in and reminded me that there is a Factor X container in the Expanded Balancing Kit, and you're talking about the vial that is included in that kit. Sorry about my confusion. The Factor X vial is set up differently than the rest of the balancers and you can't use the Factor X set-up to fill the other balancers. So now that I understand what you were asking, that's the answer to your question. Or at least the answer to the question I hope you're asking.

Sue's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have asked thousands of questions of Nature over the past 12 years, with your tutelage. Four years ago, my husband lost his job, and two years ago, we had to leave our lousy apartment for health reasons. Every day, we've worked with MAP and SLGs, to heal and create a better life. We now have a home, my husband is working, and smiling, because he's stronger than ever, and we live in a community that appreciates our contribution. We wouldn't have made it through without the Perelandra Products and Processes. I'm overjoyed with our progress, and very grateful to you. Love, from two phoenixes in Canada.

Machaelle's Answer: Okay Sue – Way to go!!! It always warms my heart when I hear how well people are using the work properly, and how well the results are for them. I am pleased Perelandra gave you and your husband a helping hand in this. So thanks for writing this.

Rosebud's Question: Hello! I'm taking 6 drops of Endocrine balancing solution at night. At times (most times when I feel the necessity to test), I also douse that I should take ETS+ and EoP. Are there any contraindications to taking these 3 at the same time (no, not in the same mouthful!)? Thank you Machaelle!

Machaelle's Answer: You can use any or all of the Perelandra solution. To make sure you're following the right dosage timing, see the Dosage Road Map

N.'s Question: Machaelle, My physical, health is so much better, since I began taking the MBP solutions 10 years ago ... I bought a large bottle of the flu solution last year, and am continuing to take it this year. Is the shelf life still viable? I also wanted to say You and all your staff, are my earth angels. Thank you

Machaelle's Answer: Last year's Seasonal Solution is viable only for last year's flu. To address this year's mix of flu, you need this year's Seasonal Balancing Solution (for the September 2012 to August 2013 season).

Hana's Question: I'm based in the UK. We planted a community woodland of indigenous trees in 1993 for the future generations. We have just had a confirmed diagnosis of chalera, ash die-back, that is endemic in Europe. Is there anything you can suggest that I might use to minimise the effect on our ash trees? It's heartbreaking to see this! With many thanks Hana

Machaelle's Answer: Oh Hana, unfortunately I don't know the correct answer for this. You need to ask nature directly what to do. And I strongly recommend that you download the new Perelandra Garden Workbook e-book, read the book as quickly as possible (but really read it!), and put your community woodland trees through Troubleshooting 2.1 (when you get the book you'll see what I'm talking about). That's where you'll find the answer that will be most effective for your trees. Good luck!

Anonymous's Question: Hi Machaelle, I've been working with the Perelandra programs since the mid 90's. I used to test for essences often, but the last year or so it's been only after a MAP session to address some current life challenge. At those times I consistently PK test positive for every essence in every set. Is this because of infrequent testing because in the beginning I only needed a few essences each time Also, can you please offer some words of wisdom on how to move forward and follow one's work of the heart, when one continues to be "stuck" in fears of... how will I support myself, will anyone want what I have to offer, and all that other mental stuff. I hear the words from many to get out of your head and follow your heart but how exactly do you do that? I'm so frustrated with myself for making everything so complicated. Thank you Machaelle, much love & gratitude for your wisdom.

Machaelle's Answer: In light of the many facets of what you're talking about, I think you need to have a conversation with our Question Hot Line folks so that they can get a handle on the best way to suggest you move forward. This response may be disappointing to you, but unfortunately these are my best words of wisdom for you in this situation. The Question Hot Line is normally open on Wednesdays, but it's also open today until 5 p.m., eastern at 1-540-937-3679.

Theresa Rose's Question: Hi There, Four years ago my acupuncturist very specifically recommended your books to me. She even went as far as to write your name down and made me promise to look you up online as soon as I got home. She never acts like that and when she handed me the paper I got a rush from head to toe, so needless to say I ran home and looked you up immediately! From the first page of Behaving I was hooked! I found the Perelandra website, felt like a kid at Christmas, placed a big order and dove in head first. I've been having a ball ever since and feel very much at home with Everything and Everyone :). Machaelle, you and Perelandra touch every aspect of my life, garden and home in such an amazingly light filled and positive way that I get goose bumps every time I think about it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and with the deepest gratitude for everything that you have blessed me with through your experiences and work. My question simply is: Is there anything that I can do for you? Big Hugs, Theresa Rose

Machaelle's Answer: Well, thanks for all the good thoughts. That's a very nice twist, to offer me something. Is there anything that you can do for me? Do you wash windows?!

Liz's Question: Hello with big gratitude for the life-changing wisdom you've shared and all the hard work on all of our behalves. Lately I've been hearing a lot about the non-benevolent influence of the moon; do you or your cottage colleagues have any views on the veracity or this or suggestions about possible human responses? Thanks so much Liz x

Machaelle's Answer: Sorry, I don't understand your question. But if you're asking, "Does the moon impact our lives?" there's a whole body of information that you can go to about lunar impact.

India's Question: Hi Machaelle. Thank you for offering this forum. I am new to Perelandra and your work and am very drawn to it. After seeing your previous video - I noticed you had written explanations on the inside of each essences box. Would you consider doing that again? Secondly, I was wondering if we can magnetize the essences and if that would have a stronger effect?

Machaelle's Answer: Well, welcome to Perelandra. I'm glad you're enjoying the forum. I have discontinued the definitions of the individual essences, and explain why on page 40 of the book, The Perelandra Essences (or you can read it here - scroll down). The point is, the definitions were limiting how people were using the essences. The essence patterns contain the highest level of strength and balance, and I do not recommend that anything artificial be added to it. You'll just end up damaging the patterns.

Maryrose's Question: Hi Machaelle. I've read just about everything you've ever written but the Essences book (I've opened it a few times) and your newest one which I have yet to order. I don't really have a question, just want you to know what a difference your work has made in my life. I live an extremely stressful life and ETS+ is a real winner for my nerves. I suspect that my partner is having a breakdown of sorts and I have been administering it on a semi- daily basis. The results have been pretty impressive, even though I am the only one who believes in it. My grandmother just passed away and I followed the steps in the post-death process. We never had a real relationship before but we do now! I did it about 26 hours after her passing and was astonished with the results. Thank you so much for all that you have shared with us. Aside from me being a MAP team slacker I couldn't be happier. God Bless you!

Machaelle's Answer: well, thanks for writing. I appreciate the kind words. I'm especially pleased with how well you are integrating the Perelandra stuff into your life.

bigshow's Question: Am enjoying the new book. Thanks for the effort. I have a question about physical cravings, especially sweets. What would help balance the body and give relief.

Machaelle's Answer: Following the D'Adamo Blood Type Diet will go a long way to relieving a lot of cravings, including food and especially sweets. You might also consider taking ETS Plus for Humans, which I explain here. I'm glad you're enjoying the new book. That gives me a smile.

Sara's Question: Hi Machaelle I wanted to thank you for the new garden book. Wow and great timing too. I printed it as it will be an ongoing reference book and it is a beauty and great to read with coffee. I am in year 4 of my garden, year two with the new shape. I really feel how my health/health challenges and my development on PEMS go right along with the development of my garden. Good thing the neighbors don't know that or I might be a little embarrassed to show myself to the world like that! We are both going forward and that's a good thing. Thanks and now a question. I want to integrate essences into my work applying neuroscience in the realm of personal healing and improving life and work performance. Basically focus and concentration practices (awareness/mindfulness) grow and heal the brain/body. I would love to talk through it a little bit with an expert there. Also sending good wishes and gratitude to you and the great folks there!

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend you call Jeannette on the Question Hot Line and talk this over with her (1-540-937-3679). I agree that it's going to take a conversation and not just a quick forum answer. And thank you for the good words about the new Garden Workbook. Having just put it out, it's always good to hear that people are receiving it well.

Stella's Question: Hi Machaelle, This is not really a question, I just want to tell you about my recent experience....I have been using the MAP protocol on myself for a few years with amazing results, and also about 3 years ago started to work with your Garden Workbooks around this farm. BUT since August I have been working with the Nature Healing Coning process for companion animals. My beautiful dog, Aja, had a terminal health problem. Using the Coning, she and I experienced the most amazing transition process---a true oasis of brightness and loving care. She passed away this past Wed. It was time, and we both were ready...because of this amazing process--the Coning for companion animals. Thank you so much for making this info truly accessible for all.

Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for sharing this, it was lovely, and you made my IT helper cry. It was very touching. I'm pleased that you were able to use the process and experience this transition. One other point, though. I strongly recommend that you download the new Garden Workbook e-book. Especially since you are using the processes on a farm. I think you will find the information more helpful and the processes nicely streamlined.

Brooke's Question: Thank you! My life has turned around for the better since I started using the processes exactly like you say to use them! Can we open a soil-less garden for another person, or with that other person, to find a job?

Machaelle's Answer: If you're asking can you open a soil-less garden on someone else's behalf, the answer is no. But the person needing a job can open a soil-less garden on their own to help them find a job.

Journey's Question: I have been using your essences for a number of years. How long do you flower essences last? I have kept them stored in a cool/comfortable location. Thank you for your response and sharing your knowledge through your books.

Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for your kind words. The essences are preserved so that they last for however long it takes for you to empty the bottle. The only thing you need to be careful about is how the droppers are holding up. Every few years, you may want to replace the droppers so that your essences don't start tasting like rubber. We say our essences have an indefinite shelf life (read more here).

Renee's Question: Hi Machaelle, Happy Holidays to you & your staff. I lost my job over two years ago & then went on a downward spiral financially. I have recently begun to pick things up, but need a boost. What would you recommend from your line? I tried EOP over the summer. Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you stay with Essence of Perelandra (EoP) and check out the Health Watch on Economic Crisis to see if there's something else there that would help. I'm pleased to see that things are picking up for you.

Laura's Question: Hi Machaelle. Thanks for doing this today. I'm thinking about doing a nature coning to get some guidance on how to deal with my young male cat, Louie's, aggression towards my Shemelina, my elderly female cat. They both adopted me within 2 years of each other and are not related. Shem is 22 years old and my priority is keeping her life as stress-free as possible. She was an outdoor cat for the first 15 years of her life and never let anyone pick her up until she met me. Now, she sleeps in my bed and grooms me every night! I don't want Louie to hurt her. I keep them separated in the house unless I am in the same room with them. Should I include the overlighting deva of healing, Pan, Louie's higher self and my higher self in the coning? Can you give some guidance about what kinds of questions to ask after I open the coning and explain the situation? Is it important to understand the source of Louie's aggression or should my questions focus on the things I can do to help him be less aggressive and more loving towards her? Thanks for EVERYTHING Machaelle. You ROCK!!! Happy HolidaZe to all at Perelandra & Beyond!!!

Machaelle's Answer: Try doing the simple stuff first. Give Louie two daily doses of ETS Plus for Animals each day, and another dose any time you see Louie acting out. Stop trying to make Louie "love" Shem. Your goal should be to eliminate whatever is causing Louie to act out, and it may be a sign of something that is distressing him. Also, don't underestimate Shem. She may be 22, but it's quite possible that for her recreational enjoyment she is setting Louie up so that he can get yelled at by you (she may get a large charge out of torturing this younger whippersnapper). So you might want to give Shem ETS Plus for Animals once daily to see if that calms her down. Try this protocol for 3 or 4 weeks. If it doesn't work, test each of them for essences that they may need. If after another 3 or 4 weeks that doesn't turn it around, give our Question Hot Line a call. (By the way, what you have listed for the Nature Healing Coning is not the right members.)

Deborah's Question: About 2 weeks ago I did an Energy Cleansing for my home with one of my kids present and then was briefly concerned she might be impacted. (Usually I do this when the husband is off to work and the kiddo's are in school) Any worries about extra folks on the premises? Or just go for it? Thanks Deborah

Machaelle's Answer: Deborah, just go for it. Whoever is present may feel a wave move through them as the sheet is moving up, but it should be a pleasant feeling. At the worst, it can be a surprising feeling. But everyone's fine.

Margaret's Question: My 14 yr. old Shih Tzu is constantly eating his paws and scratching. I have used the flower essences and the problem still continues. Can I use the essences on him several times a day instead of once. Thanks, Margaret

Machaelle's Answer: Try using ETS Plus for Animals — twice daily, and any time you see your dog chewing his paws and scratching. This may take care of the problem much more simply. To answer your question about the essences, you can give essences to him any number of times a day, but try the ETS Plus for Animals first.

aas52588's Question: I work very long hours as a bodyworker and use professional MAP in my sessions. I will open the coning before my first session in the morning, and close it after my last one at the end of my day. My problem is that sometimes I am so eager to get out of there and go home that I forget to close the coning. My question is this.....When I come in the next morning should I close the coning from the previous day and reopen it for a new day, or do I just aplolgize for being such a nitwit and resume with the current open coning?

Machaelle's Answer: If you have a tendency to forget to close the coning, I recommend that you put a stick 'em note on your refridgerator that says, "DID YOU CLOSE THE CONING?" If you didn't, close it right then and there. It's important that you close the coning at the end of the day, or you are going to unnecessarily drain yourself.

Patty in Wisconsin's Question: I have faithfully taken the Seasonal, Respiratoy, Immune, and Lymphatic Solutions twice daily and this week I came down with a horrible case of the flu. I am also working with my MAP team. Is there anything else I can do to hasten my recovery? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: If you have Essences and The Perelandra Essences book, you can test essences (Basic Essence Test) every 2 to 3 hours. That'll move you through this so fast it'll make your head spin. (I talk about this on page 15 of The Perelandra Essences.) The Seasonal Balancing Solution is already helping your body process this flu out, so you may just need a little patience.

Chakrasong's Question: I've been doing a co creative backyard garden for the past four years. I have definitely seen an exciting increase in vitality and animal/bug population, and have been working with the processes to do what I can to support the garden's balance. I have had two concerns by this year, 1) the past three years I've tested to put squash in the same place and it's died every one of those three years, also I've tested to put Zinnia in the same place which attracts a ton of wind, and every year they end up disfigured quasimotos. I just about cried, telling my coning folk I didn't think I could handle it another year, but wanted to stick with the garden intent and do the best I could. 2) We were almost broken into three times this September, and the person had to go through the garden area to get to that particular window. I've done energy processes during and after, and things seem to have died down. Still this year really took the cake. Anything else I should consider? I really do want to keep some faith.

Machaelle's Answer: Do you have the new The Perelandra Garden Workbook? If not, it's an e-book, download it right away. I suggest you read the book from beginning to end to get a more complete understanding of your partnership, and that you approach your garden as it's laid out in the new e-book.

Whitefeather's Question: If my MAP team repeatedly tell me the same answer to the same question, and then it does not turn out to be acurate, is this grounds to not trust them anymore?

Machaelle's Answer: Your MAP team has all the integrity anyone could ask for. You trust isn't misplaced if you place it with your MAP team. If you're not going to trust something, question how you are getting their answer. That's probably the problem. They're answering and you are either over-riding or not hearing, or not asking the question well. So make sure you are asking the question that you actually want to ask. Make sure you're not over-riding their answer with your desire for your own answer. And if you continue to have problems, tell your MAP team that you need help hearing them accurately.

Karen's Question: Machaelle, Hi. This week I finished reading your third book (for about the third re-through of all of them). They are still life changing and so inspiring. I am a caregiver, and my dear one is soon to cross. We have used MAP throughout this journey of four years. My question: I cherish so deeply that you have your Cottage team . . . and we are wondering if we can ask for her MAP team to be there on the other side for her, to greet her and "take her in" when she crosses. Can one consciously and effectively make known one's deep yearning to have and to meet and to dwell with these wondrous MAP Beings who have so faithfully accompanied and helped us throughout the journey? Is such a thing even possible for folk like us? Thanks for ALL you do and have done to help all of us. God bless, Karen

Machaelle's Answer: You might be interested in the Death Process that I have listed in The Perelandra Essences so that you can actively assist your partner during the cross-over time. Also, when she clearly starts the death cycle, just open her MAP team coning (you have to function as a surrogate) and tell them that she is crossing soon and would like her team to assist her, and to receive her. This kind of thing doesn't take "special" people, it just takes organized people who let their needs be known.

Madalena's Question: My aunt just had her breast removed. I went to take care of her when she got home from the hospital and ordered the Endocrine and Muscular balancing solutions and ETS. She just got the goods news that she will not be submited to chimiotherapy. Should she take anything else?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, include Immune and Lymphatic with the Endocrine and Muscular Solutions. And look at the Cancer Protocols for other suggestions that might apply to your aunt's situation.

Barbara N.'s Question: Has nature let you know why MBP Solutions only work if you do not eat or drink for 20 mins prior to and after taking the drops? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Since I have only experienced nature having a valid reason for whatever information it gives me, I don't bother asking the kinds of questions that you're asking. If nature gives me directions, I just follow the directions and look at the results. If this question really is actually important to you, you can ask nature yourself. I'm sure they'll be happy to answer you.

An important point: The 20 minutes prior to and after rule applies to the Mouth Balancing Solution. The timing for the MBP Solutions is different. See the Dosage Road Map here.

Liz's Question: Hello Machaelle, I would like to express the deepest gratitude on behalf of my entire family for your dedication and communication with Nature! My husband, myself and our four children 9, 7, 5 and 5 months plus two dogs use all of your work everyday! In fact my children 'feel' for themselves when they need MAP and they create SLG for school projects. It was challenging to be a 'big' enough mother for these incredible brilliant children before I was introduced to your work. This life with Nature is Fantasical indeed! With the greatest love and sincerity, Liz

Machaelle's Answer: I'm really pleased to see that you have integrated the Perelandra stuff so well into your family. In actuality, that's what I'm hoping more and more people do. So you're a good example. Thanks for writing.

Johny's Question: Hi Machaelle, I started my slg regarding my life work, maybe you remember my question regarding the ddp? Anyway, there has been a lot of stuff coming from that, and I have had great conversations with nature and wb. Lately it seems that the work I sm doing (grids and leylines) has been amped up like the 21 of December (maya calender) for sure is a date of concern for nature and as well us all. What is your opinion regarding the 21 Dec from what your communication with nature has given?

Machaelle's Answer: I'm not paying any attention to the 21 December thing. But from what I understand, since the Mayans did not take leap year into consideration, their prediction is a little off and I'm pleased to announce to you that the apocolypse occured 9 months ago. You can relax now.

Madalena's Question: Dear all at Perelandra. I've been using your products for many years and would like to thank you for your wonderful effective services. I leave now in Europe and order regularly essences that always arrive immediately and well wrapped. Also would like to congratulate you for this great intelligent way of communicating across the world without creating a mess. I want to propose to the company where I'm working to follow your example and do the same. Any tips on a virtual open house? Many thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Feed the staff well. Have plenty of dessert. A sugar high does a lot for a Virtual Open House! Really, it's a rather complex thing to put together, and it depends on the company that you're talking about. You could create a soil-less garden for this project. If you need more assistance than the soil-less garden suggestion, I recommend that you call the Question Hot Line and talk it over with Jeannette. I appreciate your kind words about what we're doing with the Virtual Open House. We also think it's a good way to go because it gives us access to a much broader population.

Rain's Question: Dear Machaelle, Thank you for your new Garden "Book"... received my disc a few days ago, and am really enjoying the new material. Blessings for all you and your team do for us, around the world! Gratitude and hugs from the Southern African shores... Rain

Machaelle's Answer: Oh, I'm so very pleased you like the Workbook and you thought to tell me about it. When I saw that the book was ordered from somone in South Africa, I got a great big smile. Because I'm always pleased when I see that the books have moved beyond the U.S. shores.

Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle, 2-1/2 years ago my parents moved to a retirement village in Kansas. Their home is about 100 yards from some sort of electrical station. They are also about 150 feet away from the main building which has a variety of equipment on their roof broadcasting something - maybe for cell phones, wi-fi or other needs of the nursing facility. In the past year, my mom has been saying that she's been feeling very tired even though there are no changes in her health. She is getting older, but this seems like a dramatic change to me and I'm wondering if her proximity to all of this electrical activity might be the cause. I was just there for Thanksgiving and noticed a lot of bird activity furthest away from the main building and almost none by the main building. What do you think? And, what products could help her most? She's just started on EoP and takes ETS when needed. Also, I'd appreciate any interesting updates you can share from the Cottage. Thanks for all of your good work!!! Take care, Ruth

Machaelle's Answer: For general health and strengthening, have your parents take the Immune and Lymphatic Solutions daily. Test them to see if they need any other MBP Balancing Solutions in addition to Immune & Lymphatic. If you feel this is a problem, you might consider moving them to another retirement home!

Toni's Question: I have been using the Seasonal drops but still got a cold with coughing. What should I do, what to take? Toni

Machaelle's Answer: A flu isn't the same thing as a cold. Include the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions plus the Respiratory System Balancing Solution, all twice daily. After a week, if you're still having difficulty, I recommend testing essences for whatever symptoms are left.

Willow's Question: Hi there, I have been experiencing a high degree of anxiety which include a racing heart and shortness of breath. It seems to be exacerbated by my hormonal cycle. The anxiety and related symptoms seem to be also making my fibromyalgia worse. I'm not sure how or where to begin addressing all this and would very much appreciate some ideas. Thank You.

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend for this that you call the Question Hot Line. I think you're going to need more input that I can give you on a forum.

Mary's Question: Hi again, When will the new Garden Workbook be available in book form? I'm looking forward to ordering it!

Machaelle's Answer: In the not too distant future. We will be sending out a notice when it becomes available.

Sylvia's Question: Dear Machaelle, As always, thank you sincerely for your brilliant teachings and contributions. I can honestly say that your work has had an immensely positive influence on my own life and work, which is an understatement, but it would take many pages to attempt to detail the many ways in which working with Nature, the WB and the Perelandra products continues to bless our lives, land, and health. I have two questions about the new Workbook processes. 1. Do you no longer recommend using the Soil Balancing & Stabilizing and Atmospheric Balancing & Stabilizing processes? 2. When doing remote energy processes (such as for our land that we can't get to in the winter), or for our office when we are clearing it from home, do we leave the bowls of balancers/stabilizers out in a designated area in our home office from which we are doing the processes? Thank you and much love.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm really pleased with how you're applying things to your life, and that you have the new Workbook.
1. The old Soil Balancing & Stabilizing and Atmospheric Balancing Process have been incorporated into the different processes that are in the Workbook. They're no longer separate processes.
2. Putting the bowls in your home office is fine, but be sure to tell nature that the bowls you are putting out in your home office are intended for the process you're working with for the remote location. It'll keep everything clean.

D.J.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, I have recently been introduced to your [solution]s and amazed at their effectiveness. I had an operation recently involving a General Anaesthetic and one of the side effects that I sometimes get with the anaesthetic is a terrible pain and cramp in my big toe. It feels like my toe is actually broken and can last for hours. A friend gave my your ETS+ [solution] and to my amazement within about 20 minutes of taking it I felt a warm flow go through my foot and the pain literally melt away. So I’m really impressed with the effectiveness of the [solution]s. I have bladder cancer and so I have ordered the urinary [solution] on line and am now taking it regularly just to help strengthen my system. But my question is can you recommend any other combination.

Also I am curious about the garden [solution]s. I have a Horsechestnut tree in the garden – it is very large and over 100 years old. Like many Chestnut trees in the UK it has been infected by a little moth. This isn’t life threatening to the tree but means that the leaves turn brown prematurely and it isn’t doing the tree any good. I was wondering if I could use your [solution]s and techniques to help the tree heal itself and if so what would you recommend. Thank you for your time.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm pleased that ETS Plus has helped you. You should include the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions, and take them twice daily. I have a protocol on cancer that might give you additional help: here.

Regarding the chestnut tree, I recommend the new Perelandra Garden Workbook for working with nature to find out just what this chestnut tree needs. It's an e-book right now, so you can download it right away.

peace.calm2's Question: I started daily testing Rose Essences 1 & 2 about a week ago. I received Soul Ray and Nature Program yesterday. Shall I test all four boxes at the same time of day or do roses at one time of the day, soul at another, and nature at still another?

Machaelle's Answer: Test them all at the same time.

Mary's Question: Hello Machaelle, Thanks again for all that you do for us. A friend is very concerned about Chemtrails, aka Geoenginering featured in a Google video called "What in the World Are They Spraying" (Aluminum as it turns out). Are you familiar with this situation and if so, what Perelandra products can be used to protect ourselves from this onslaught? Also, if you are familiar with this problem, do you plan writing a paper on it like you did with sludge? Thanks so much for your thoughts!

Machaelle's Answer: If you need protection, take the appropriate MBP Solutions on a daily basis, starting with Immune & Lymphatic and adding any of the other MBP Balancing Solutions that cover the systems of the body that are affected by the chemicals. See the Health Watch Protocol on Chemical Exposure.) I'm not planning to write a paper on this, but the wonderful thing about the age of Google is that it allows you to do your own research.

Uma's Question: Is there anything that we can do, individually or collectively, in partnership with Nature, to influence or ameliorate the effects of a storm like Sandy?

Machaelle's Answer: If you know that a storm is coming, talk to nature and ask them what you need to do to prepare. working with nature doesn't mean you get to control where a storm hits or doesn't hit.

Bea's Question: I would like to thank you for ‘gut gardening’. It changed my life. My life is a gut garden. I can NOT imagine being happier. Bea

Machaelle's Answer: Unless you're growing rose bushes out the top of your head, it would be more appropriate to use the soil-less garden set-up for your "life garden." But you can apply what you've learned with Gut Gardening to those protocols. So you don't lose anything, you're just operating in the most directly effective system. I think if you do this you'll be even happier, even more than you can imagine now.

Sandra's Question: Greetings! Do you, nature, and/or the members of the Cottage perceive a particular significance to this month's solstace? Is it hype or a unique transition? If so, is there any way to participate in this other than the usual honoring at the moment of solstace? Many thanks for all you do.

Machaelle's Answer: The solstice coming up is a normal one. The world is not coming to an end. I suggest that you not cancel your phone service – you may need it on the 22nd!

Robbie's & Bill's Question: Blessings Machaelle, We've been working daily with Nature intelligences for fifteen years now and we are still amazed at the balance and clarity our teams provide and we simply can't thank you enough for your bravery in bringing these Universal truths to light. Thank you, Robbie and Bill

Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your kind words and know that I'm cheering you on!

Katherine's Question: I have had time to only look through the new Workbook but at the risk of sounding shallow I LOVE the graphics. The image of Pan and the botanical background sends me back in time to the revival of Arcadia/Frederick Law Olmsted etc. and then back to Greece/Asclepian healers. And yet also forward into the 21st century! I hope there will be a poster or a card available. Now, can you recommend anything for non-melanoma skin cancer prevention? It runs in my family and I have a Harry Potter scar for one removal. I do use the zinc/magnesium sunblocks and also the Integumentary essence...and now that I write the question maybe I should test for other essences. (I know and keep doing things to reduce harm to the ozone layer!)

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend adding the MBP Immune & Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions to the Integumentary you're already taking. You probably need to take all three of them twice a day.

Sheila's Question: I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) symptoms and want to completely clear this from my system. Shall I start with flower essences, then add MBP or start both at once?

Machaelle's Answer: Start with essences first. Start with basic testing so that you can get comfortable with the testing, then move to Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness. You may not need MBP at all. We have someone on staff who has chemical sensitivity who found that following the D'Adamo Blood Type Diet relieved almost all of the symptoms.

Banzai1's Question: Thank you for hosting this event, is there any way we can see what other folks are asking you?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, they're posted right here, in the order they come in!

V's Question: Can gut gardening be used on soilless gardens?

Machaelle's Answer: Use the guidelines as outlined in the Soil-less Garden Companion for soil-less gardens. But you can use what you learn in the Workbook about nature to improve how you approach a soil-less garden. The Garden Workbook gives you a much better foundation for working with nature in general, but the processes as outlined in the Soil-less Garden Companion need to remain the same.

Lisa's Question: I've had chronic hives for twenty years and have just ordered the full set of essences. Should I start with basic Essence testing daily or should I be doing chronic telegraph testing from the start ?

Machaelle's Answer: If you're new to essences, do daily testing until you're comfortable with the testing. This should give you some improvement. However, when you're comfortable, switch over to Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness.

Martha's Question: I got my copy of the new Garden workbook - fabulous! I notice there are some "new" or at least newer ETS Solutions. If I start a soil-less garden, will I need these newer ETS's (the ones for plants and animals)? thanks

Machaelle's Answer: Normally soil-less gardens don't include plants and animals unless you're starting a veterinary practice or zoo, or you're a florist. The soil-less garden is the business and the new Workbook would apply to the animals and plants. In that case, for the new Workbook you would need the ETS Plus for Plants and ETS Plus for Animals. For the soil-less garden part of all this, you still need ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens. All of the ETS Plus have been available for many years now.
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels