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December 7, 2013

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

Happy Holidays everybody! Let's get started! — Machaelle
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Catherine's Question: Hi Machaelle, I wish to tell you how much I appreciate the love, intensity and clarity you put into sharing your knowledge with all of us... me in particular! I have essential tremors and occasionally I get one more than the exact number of drops in my mouth or one of the drops ends up on my nose or chin. What is the best way to deal with this situation so that I get the most benefit from the essences? Thank you, Catherine

Machaelle's Answer: You can't overdose on the essences or Solutions. Just make sure you get the minimum number of drops required, and don't worry if you get more than that in your mouth. If it's easier, just put the drops in a clean spoon.

Johny's Question: Machaelle, I suppose the ETS plus for Humans could work well if you are going through "past life traumas" as well. In healing sessions I have more or less been through drowning, fire deaths and a lot of other very deep burried traumas. Please elaborate on this, it would be nice to hear your ideas about this. As usual big thanks for your services, and send a hug to nature from me as well!

Machaelle's Answer: The only comment I have about this is that it would probably be helpful for you to take ETS for Humans just prior to your healing session, and again right after the healing session. Then test for essences. I think that'll help smooth your journey.

Betsy's Question: RE: bribing Production for larger bottles of Solutions -- Will gladly send chocolate! I make awesome truffles that can be very persuasive... so how to do I get in touch with them ("Production")?

Machaelle's Answer: First of all, make a lot of them. Since they're now gone for the day and we're the only ones left here, here are the instructions: Send them attention Machaelle, Beth, Jeannette and Sarah. Once we've had our fill, we'll pass the remainder on to production!!! But if you'd like to actually send the bribe directly to them, send it attention "production." We who aren't in production will be the ones in the corner crying and saying, "oh, don't mind us." ;-)

Ruth's Question: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Machaelle's Answer: Oh, you're cute. It's the big 68. Thank you for your wishes.

Rona's Question: Hi Machaelle, A new friend had a leg amputated 5 months ago, please suggest what would help. Love and blessings for all you do.

Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I'd be very careful not to push anything onto your new friend that would make him or her uncomfortable. They've been through enough. If they're open to the Perelandra Essences, I recommend you read The Perelandra Essences book. I have a section in there on amputation and phantom limb syndrome.

Barb's Question: Are there any essences you recommend for fibromyalgia? I have been doing comings with the ETS.

Machaelle's Answer: I can't recommend specific essences for fibromyalgia. You're going to have to test your electric system for what is needed. Since you are dealing with this condition, I suggest strongly that you do that testing.

Yvonne's Question: This was my first online forum, just checked back, you are still going strong! What a valuable resource... great thanks for this chance to connect... you ARE incredibly patient with some of our questions...sending golden roses...happy winter my friends!

Machaelle's Answer: Awwww... That was really nice of you.

Beth's Question: I'm a newbie, just beginning my work with Nature's principles. When I was introduced to BEHAVING AS IF..., my heart opened wide with joy and excitement. FINALLY there is somebody who knows how to teach what I want to learn! Now I'm beginning to work with coning, using the Workbook and essences. This work is SO BIG, and I feel so small as I begin. Nevertheless I begin with joy. Machaelle, I would be grateful for your suggestions about dealing with rats, which have in the past been destructive on my property. I have established some communication with the rats, and some are willing to abide by my declaration of boundaries. Others are not. What do I do now?

Machaelle's Answer: Try an Energy Cleansing Process on your property. It would a do a trouble Troubleshooting 2.1 that would incorporate a wider approach to find out what is needed to balance the property and your home so that rats aren't a destructive issue. Your focus will be the problems you're having with the rats. When you adjust that balance, the rats will automatically adjust to reflect the new balance. The other thing I'd like to say to you since you are new is to relax and take your time. Don't try to absorb everything at one time. Just do what you feel comfortable doing.

Lauri's Question: Can I mix feline & canine joint health solutions in the same water bowl since the dogs & cats all drink out of the same bowl? Can I add to that the parasite solutions? Are there essences/solutions to help relieve depression? Thank you, Machaelle

Machaelle's Answer: You cannot mix any of the new Solutions in the same bowl. For depression, the Perelandra Essences would help. You'll need to test them — What causes depression in one person doesn't cause depression in another person. If you need further help, call our Question Hot Line on Wednesdays and they'll speak with you about this (1-540-937-3679).

Sara's Question: Focus is becoming a very popular word in psychology and business world (on the cover of Harvard Business Review this month). It often refers to our ability to choose where to place our attention and to continually return our attention back to that place when it becomes distracted or pulled away. This can be called mindfulness etc. Your paper on focus and electrical system is good and everyone should know about it. Would you say more about using FE vs EOP vs ETS for focus enhancement? So cool! And can I interview you via telephone for my podcast about that in January? HAPPY HOLIDAYS;)

Machaelle's Answer: Sorry, but things are too tight for an interview. I addressed focus in the new Perelandra Essences book, and actually have a process in there to improve focus when you're having trouble holding it. I would recommend that. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Linda's Question: My order came from Perelandra the other day. The mail man left it outside so it had been left in the freezing cold all day long. 1st. Are essences still good after being in the freezing cold for a long period? 2nd. Are essences still effective if you take them when they are really cold? or should you let them warm up?

Machaelle's Answer: The Essences and Solutions are fine if they're cold. It's only if the freeze that they will lose some of their potency. You don't have to warm them up to take them.

Ruth B.'s Question: Hi Machaelle! I just realized how late it is on the East Coast and not here in the Midwest... I have been reading all the questions and responses and forgot what time it was. Happy Holidays and thank you for these new solutions that you and Nature came up with. They are doing a lot for my energy, movement, and the weight issues. My weight has stabilized and now it is time to start removing some of the access fat!Stay warm!

Machaelle's Answer: Great to hear from you. And great to hear that the new Solutions are helping! We're bracing for some pretty funky weather, but I plan to stay inside and stay warm. I'll think of you.

Lynne's Question: Machaelle, THANK YOU for all you and your team do to keep the information and resources flowing out. My father has had many hernias, and I had my first one at 60 (I am female). The surgeon remarked after repairing it that he just wanted to reinforce everything--that my tissue is not resilient and vital and is prone to having further hernias. I already use the MBP solutions twice daily. Is it Muscular that addresses internal tissue? Anything else you might recommend to strengthen tissue?

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend that you try the following MBP Solutions twice daily: Immune, Lymphatic, Digestive, Muscular, Skeletal and Urinary. And thanks for your thanks.

Sara's Question: Hello to everyone from sunny and 20 degrees Oregon! I am reorganizing my SLGs under one big momma SLG. I have read the examples of organizing SLG in your book. Departments and sub projects - I am listening to my team but not feeling very clear. Can both departments and sub projects have their own DDPs and intent lists (if needed)?

Machaelle's Answer: Oh hello Sara Woodard, Otis' daughter-in-law, I know who you are! I noticed that for the last couple of days Oregon was experiencing some extremely low temperatures. Hope you own a sweater. Now, to answer your question: Yes, both departments and sub-projects can have their own DDPs and intents lists. But when you're working with each department or sub-project, make sure you're very clear about the DDP that is connected to it. It's important that you be clear when you're switching around under a big tent.

Deborah's Question: I have been using the Energy Cleansing Process now and again, and also have done 2 Battle Energy Release procedures for my home and property, one 3 years ago and the last within 6 months. My question is: while I am wanting to enable a more peaceful balanced environment at home, I wonder if it is making other family members oddly less comfortable? My home has some wild swings in atmosphere, with a kid back an forth between college and home and a husband who travels frequently and for prolonged periods of time. I notice that sometimes after a "clean-up" some one will try to argue with me and won't have the juice to pull it off. Then I also have noticed other times, my husband and I will have a big blow out argument. Also I have wondered about a tendency to super violent tv watching, stuff I can't sit and watch. Are we having an active tug of war at my house over balance or lack of it? What do you think? Help really... Also thanks, I think you guys are real genius material Merry Christmas -Deborah

Machaelle's Answer: That sounds like normal life to me. You might want to try taking either ETS for Humans or Essence of Perelandra (EoP) so that you are better capable of handling the normal give-and-take of life that swirls around you.

Jackie's Question: Hello loving the questions and your beautiful video. I've been using the processes in the old Garden/MAP/Essence books for many years, but I haven't been able to replace them yet with the new... Will Nature still work with the older versions until I can afford to replace my books? They're at the top of my list.... Thank you, Jackie

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you're fine to use the older books. The new books give you refined, streamlined, easier processes. But if you're used to the old ones you shouldn't have any problems.

Louisa's Question: I don't have time today to participate but couldn't miss the chance to say a big "thank you!" to you and all your staff. All your tools & processes have added so much to my life - for anyone on the fence about any of it I'd just say try it - you will be astonished at the difference the Perelandra tools make in your health on all levels of being. I feel so blessed for discovering Perelandra! Thank you Machaelle and happy holy days of december to you & everyone there.

Machaelle's Answer: Well, goodness, thank you! And thank you for the free testimonial. (I'll be sending your "testimonial check" in the next couple of days! ;-) Hope you have happy holidays as well.

Lynne's Question: I regularly take the MBP solutions. I believe you suggest using ETS 2x/day for general stress reduction, along with certain MBP solutions. My question is about timing the doses. Can I take ETS when I take the morning and evening MBP solutions? Also, what about timing on new JOint, Energy, and Weight solutions? Can they be taken together with 6 seconds in between? Do you suggest using the 20 minute rule before/after eating with the new solutions? And, lastly, what about "Aging" Solution? I haven't seen it mentioned recently, and I've still got an unused bottle. Thanks, Machaelle.

Machaelle's Answer: See Question #40 for the timing on taking ETS with the other Solutions. The new Solutions can be taken any time in the morning and afternoon (wait 10 seconds between each). You do need to wait 15 minutes before/after eating when taking the new Solutions. Natural Aging is to be taken at night. Wait 2 minutes after taking all of your MBP Solutions then take Aging, then go to sleep (or pass out, whichever comes first)!

Earlene's Question: Machaelle, I am caught up in a whirlwind of very important yet stressful projects. A lot of heads are banging. Actually, I'd like to bang a few heads together. What is a battle energy cleansing and when would it be appropriate to use?

Machaelle's Answer: Earlene, I am definitely not opposed to banging a few heads together. Sometimes I think that's the only way to go. However, if you'd like to expand beyond that, I recommend that you explore two processes: The Battle Energy Release Process and the Energy Cleansing Process. And I suggest that you look at the Energy Cleansing Process first. The new Perelandra Garden Workbook explains these two processes and gives their steps. Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered provides a simplified form of the Energy Cleansing Process. Because you're working with an environment, I suggest reading the information in The Perelandra Garden Workbook. But if all else fails, resort back to banging heads! If you have any further questions, call our Question Hot Line today (until 5 p.m., eastern) or on any Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., eastern: 1-540-937-3679.

Linda's Question: If you have been taking the MPB solutions for about a year or so, but then have to suddenly stop can that send the body into a revolting stage? Or can it confuse the body so that odd things are happening on an energetic level?

Machaelle's Answer: You will not have a revolting or odd reaction. Mostly, what you will probably feel is a gradual lessening of energy or vitality. And ultimately, you may be more prone to illnesses and other problems.

Candy's Question: Do you recommend using kinesiology to get answers to questions even though one may "hear" the answers? I have a friend who "hears" the answers, but I am concerned. She told me today that the coning for her puppy is to be kept open until tomorrow when she is to work with nature again. It has been open since yesterday, and I am somewhat alarmed.

Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I highly recommend that when working with the Perelandra products and processes people follow the instructions as they are written and not change them around. Secondly, an open coning is draining the energy from her puppy unnecessarily. There are times when I "hear" an answer, but I also test to verify it. So doing both is helpful. However, in light of all this, if your friend swears that she heard the coning say to stay open and she has used kinesiology to verify, then she can keep the coning open. If she notices that the puppy is showing signs of unusual fatigue, then I recommend she close the coning down right away.

Joann's Question: Thank you thank you Machaelle for EVERYTHING you and the Perelandra Family do - gratitude and :) 's overflowing! Question re my sweet yellow 11 yr old lab: We've had quite a year of transformation...leaving him w/chronic itching. I see no fleas. Besides the ETS Animals and CANINE EXTERNAL PARASITES (I need to order) - what else would you recommend? I've simplified his diet, have been giving him flaxseed and fish oils, but still itching. Once he's on CEP, what's the gap time? Appreciate your input!

Machaelle's Answer: I would recommend the new Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals. The time-gap for Canine: External Parasites varies depending on the animal, but you'll probably see a change in a couple of weeks.

Sharon's Question: I'm grateful for the various questions bringing up the answer of taking ETS 5x a day (this applies to me). What is the "timing" with ETS related to taking the AM and PM microbials and all the other new drops? Do I have to wait 15 mins before/after -- or just take it 5 times (anytime)? Also, Beth mentioned a new Road Map was in the works. Is there a link to it on the website? THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you and the team do and offer...Perelandra is AMAZING!!!

Machaelle's Answer: You can take ETS any time of day. When you're taking ETS 5 times a day, everything else that you're taking will be benefited by taking ETS first and then taking everything else. Meaning: Take ETS first thing in the morning, then take the MBP Solutions. In the evening, take ETS first and then the MBP Solutions. The bottom line is when you benefit from taking ETS 5 times daily, you will also benefit if you settle out your trauma circuits first before taking any other essences or Solutions. This is a new, improved approach from our previous recommendations. Beth & Jeannette haven't forgotten about the new "road map." It'll come with the 8-oz. bottles. We take bribes, too. We prefer chocolate and plane tickets to the tropical island of our choice.

Carrie's Question: Big Hearted thanks to you and your teams!!!!!! I am learning much from these comments. Happy Holidays

Machaelle's Answer: Oh, thank you. Happy holidays back!

Betsy's Question: Given all your much appreciated efforts to make solutions affordable, why don't you (or can you?) offer ALL the microbial balancing solutions in the large 8 oz. economy size, as you do for immune, lymphatic, etc.?

Machaelle's Answer: We've asked numerous times and production refuses. But we'll be happy to pass along your message to production. It'll move things along if you send them gifts/bribes. They like chocolate and aged scotch.

Heather's Question: Second question. I jumped full into the essences a least 3 years ago now probably closer to 4 years. There has been on rare occasions one day max, and super rare two consecutive days where I went without testing and administering. Yet in all these years only twice have I cleared for not needing an essence. I'm thinking I need to take a step somehow in my process to where I can increase the days where I test clear and essences aren't needed. (At least some of the boxes -- I take some bottles of each box of the full set everyday.) Trying to be patient....any suggestions?

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend that you include ETS for Humans on a daily basis. Some of your daily complexity can be caused by constant stress on the circuits that are connected to trauma. If you clear that out first and then test essences, your need for essences will probably go down. And continue to be patient.

Heather's Question: Yahoo!!!!!!!! So grateful that I got into my email today and found out about the forum. Thanks Machaelle, you are one of my hero's, so happy you are here on earth doing what you are doing and sharing it. Great appreciation to you. First. I've been wondering if when I'm trying to make decisions about using a new product from Perelandra, can I muscle test for my overall health and well being about the product, even though I am not within 3 feet of the product-i.e. I'm viewing the product over the internet? I thought I read somewhere for accuracy of the electrical system our body had to be within 3 feet of what was being tested for.

Machaelle's Answer: Don't discount the fact that you actually have both common sense and intuitive feelings. You don't need to test everything. If you feel drawn to something, get it. If you don't, don't get it. If you have to test, you can just to a PKTT on the product itself as listed. This kind of testing has to do with what you're focused on and not the proximity of the product.

Gwendolyn's Question: Sending you a big warm hug! Love you and love you some more! Could you please tell me about what plant medicine might like to have a personal relationship with me?

Machaelle's Answer: Dear Gwendolyn, I hate to tell you this, but your question does not apply to my products or programs. You may have to consider "plant medicines" from other companies where your question can be answered.

Heidi's Question: I love the new Nature Healing Process for Companion Animal. Thank you (and Nature) for simplifying the process! You caution the animal, in this case my 15-year-old cat, should be lying quietly no closer than three feet from me. Does that rule apply to other animals as well? I'm assuming the answer is yes, but I have been unable to separate Gabby from his two brothers without undue stress as they have feral characteristics inherited from their mother. The only time they lie quietly, including sleeping, is when they are together. Thank you for your help!

Machaelle's Answer: I understand your pain, but it's much better if they're separated. Gabby's body environment is being influenced by her two brothers. Another approach is to, right at the top of the session when you are describing Gabby's condition, explain that you can't get her separated from her two brothers without undue stress. They may be able to work effectively with the commingled energy fields. But in general, it's better to have other animals at least 3 feet away.

Camino's Question: Machaelle, Thank you for the Forums, all your work, and for making the processes and products available. RE: Questions #3- how to cleanse the bottle and sprayer prior to putting in the EoP? Queston #5 -how to cleanse the funnel? Realizing both answers could be just a good wash like the droppers and if so, just reply with one of your zingers!

Machaelle's Answer: Hot soapy water. Rinse well. And I have no zingers because I'm dumbstruck. Sorry.

Sue's Question: In my year-long experience with cancer, I sometimes experience "chemo-brain" (occasional forgetfulness about appointments, errands, etc.) Is there a Perelandra Solution or MBP formula that specifically addresses mental issues? Or do mental issues fall under the broader category of physical issues? Thanks for any guidance!

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems Balancing Solutions twice daily until you're completely out of the cancer. I suspect you would benefit from taking ETS for Humans at least after every treatment you receive, and even better take it 5 times a day throughout the duration of your dealing with cancer. If this doesn't work, wear a sign that says, "Due to chemo-brain, I have no memory so give me a break!" :-) Even though I'm kidding about this, I'm only half kidding. I think you would feel a lot less pressure if you saw how people around you wanted to help if only they knew what you were going through. (I've written an entire Health Watch on cancer that might give you information that will be helpful.)

Scott's Question: A year ago I climbed Pikes Peak (25 miles, 7000 ft up then down). While waiting at the top for others to arrive I laid down and opened a MAP session. When they arrived I got up and forgot to close the session. After starting the trip down, thinking can I do this second half, I felt a bit joyous. I realized I had forgotten to close the MAP session and figured I would just take them along, sticking my face into flowers and such on the way. Is this MAP Team abuse ?

Machaelle's Answer: No, it's not abuse. But they probably think you're a little odd about wanting to open a MAP session on the top of a mountain. (Wasn't that cold?!) I feel certain you've amused them, and they always like when we humans amuse them! But, they also appreciate that you felt the desire to give something to them.

Trudy's Question: Hi Machaelle, After a year of a lot problems with the bones and long standing as worker in kinesiology I took the new Joint Solution and had a more better feeling for the last months. Thanks for the new. It is a great gift.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm really glad to hear that the Joint Solution has helped so well.

Claudia's Question: What do you recommend for non-vaccinated children. My son has been doing Lymphatic, Flu, Immune, Respiratory nightly. etc. plus all the other solutions if needed since 3 yrs. old. He is 16 yrs now. Thanks so much.

Machaelle's Answer: If your son has gone 13 years now and is fine, it's obvious that for him the regimine is a correct one for now.

Rose's Question: I know several people with lyme disease. Most of them are addressing it with alternative methods - being too far along to go the antibiotics route. Would the new solutions - internal parasite and bug bite be helpful to them? Thank you for the gifts that help me so much in my life.

Machaelle's Answer: It can't hurt and it's certainly worth a shot.

Otis's Question: Hello Machaelle, I've been looking forward to learning what you an tell me about nature's position on GMO foods or fauxfoods, as the case may be. Some of my questions are: Is nature concerned about genetic engineering and GMO? If GMO substances are not wholesome is there a way to make them so; some energy process, perhaps? If Monsanto plants a field of GMO soybeans next to my natural soybeans is there a way I can protect my crop, either before of after it is pollenated? Thanks very much! Otis

Machaelle's Answer: The problem with your questions is that there is no cut-and-dry answer. Some developments we humans have created are actually fine and fall within the realm of nature's balance. Other developments don't. This is why when you are testing for seeds for your garden, you can test positive for including hybridized seeds. In your environment, the hybridized seed is stronger and falls better within the range of nature's balance than the non-hybridized seed. As for protecting your garden plants from a field of GMO plants, when you are getting the information for what seeds and what to do in your garden early in the season you include right up top the information that there's this GMO field growing right next door and you'd like to protect your plants as much as possible. Nature will take that into consideration and you may find that you're planting seeds that you've never planted before because the GMO situation is being taken into consideration. I think it's important to understand that it's not the role of nature to take a position. Nature's only concern is does it fall within the range of balance or does it not. Hope this helps and I'm really glad to hear from you. Hope all is going well out there on the west coast.

Sophie's Question: As a 67 year old woman who has taken your solutions for years, I've noticed that there's no solution for the brain. I would like my memory to be sharper, and to avoid my family's dementia. Can you suggest something?

Machaelle's Answer: I suggest the MBP Solutions for the Immune, Lymphaic and Nervous Systems. Nervous system includes the brain. Because of your family history, I suggest you take all 3 twice daily to shore yourself up.

Shirley's Question: Machaelle, what if you aren't sure of your chronic illness, but the symptoms lead you to believe you know it? Do you write what you think is right (leaky gut) and go from there or pick one of the major symptoms and go with that instead? (Note: I don't go to medical doctors, but to trusted alternative people.) BTT of the symptoms are not enough.

Machaelle's Answer: Do a Telegraph Test for Chronic Illness. Definitely do not write down what you think the problem is, just list all of the symptoms at one time. BTT (basic telegraph testing) isn't enough because your assumption of what the problem is is probably getting in the way.

Linda's Question: Thanks for the p.s. to my question, I was wondering about that. Just a comment on the new Canine Joint Solution: My 13 yr old dog is now romping and bounding around during our walks after only a couple weeks of taking it. The weight balancing sol. seems to be sculpting me a new figure - great!

Machaelle's Answer: Hey, that's great news about your dog and your newly-sculpted figure!

Linda's Question: Do you get a flu shot, Machaelle?

Machaelle's Answer: I'm reluctant to answer this question because I don't want my decision to influence your decision.

Richard's Question: We have the previous set of Essences, where the five sets are in two boxes (dram). I was looking at it recently and asked my wife why there were vial slots that were empty, and a whole carton was empty. Is there a purpose for the non-filled holding slots? Many thanks for your gifts, your sharing. Love the books. Richard

Machaelle's Answer: The empty slots are there for solutions bottles if you need them. When we package them, we include empty solutions bottles in those slots.

Helka's Question: Hello Machaelle, Happy Holidays to you, too! I've been using essence telegraph testing with excellent results over the past two years, ever since I bought your book The Perelandra Essences. I recently realized that I've practically forgotten about microbial balancing during the same period. Due to being very busy now, I decided to restart microbial balancing sessions by doing Phase 1, for general balancing, first, because it's quick and easy to do. I haven't had any special reason to use microbial balancing in the past two years, as far as I can see, but think that I would still generally benefit from it. What do you recommend?

Machaelle's Answer: Hi Helka! I think you're bringing Microbial Balancing back in very well. Continue what you're doing. You'll know to address something specifically when something specific happens. But general balancing is good. I think this is especially important now because of what climate change is doing to the microbial population around the world. We're being exposed microbes that are completely new to us. I'm going to be talking about Microbial Balancing for this very reason in January. But I like your approach.

Susan's Question: I was riveted by Nature's simple, elegant statement, "With humans the key element is free will. With Nature the key element is balance." My question: Are humans not a part of nature? And if we are, how did we wander so far from balance? Do you (and Nature) address this anywhere in your writings? If so, where? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Our bodies are a part of nature, our souls are not. Our souls are a human dynamic and with that comes free will. And once you put free will into the picture, not only can you wander so far from balance, you can wander just about anywhere. Our job is to use free will to make decisions and conduct our lives in a manner than enhances balance. Nature knows balance naturally. They don't have to think about it. But we have the unique challenge of combining free will along with the endless quest for balance. I've written about this in a number of places, but you might start with the first chapter of Dancing, "Explaining Tartar Sauce" and read the definitions of balance, nature, free will and soul.

Lee's Question: My husband was taking the Immune Balancing solution and Male Reproductive Solution for chronic prostatitis. But any amount of alcohol seems to exacerbate the symptoms so he stopped. Any recommendations?

Machaelle's Answer: He can switch to the Immune & Male-Reproductive Solutions that are preserved in vinegar. If he can pretend he's eating a salad with vinegar dressing, then he'll be fine.

Georgette's Question: Thank you for being here, ever-so willing to meet us in this glorious playground of possibilities! Thank you for listening to yourself through Nature and sharing it with us so we can listen deeply too. All my Love, Georgette

Machaelle's Answer: Glad I could help.

Cheryl's Question: Firstly, I must thank Machaelle for giving her life tirelessly to this incredible work. Major kudos to you Machaelle. I know it has been a rough way to go, especially at first. My question: is the Joint Solution effective with prosthetic joint replacements, such as total knees, hip replacements, etc.? My total knee replacement was done in April this year, but the rehab is going very slowly. The quad muscle in that leg is very atrophied and I'm told that is the problem.

Machaelle's Answer: Interesting question. Since the Joint Solution addresses all elements connected to a joint, I think taking it will be helpful. Also, for the next couple of months, I suggest you take ETS for Humans 5 times daily. I think if you read Chapter 8 in The Perelandra Essences, which is posted here, you'll understand why I'm suggesting this. Between the Joint Solution and the ETS I think your quad muscle will strengthen more quickly.
Thank you for your kind words. That was very nice.

ET's Question: The flu solution is great, we take it twice a day. I can feel my resistance building, no need to worry about getting the sniffles, yay. However, what about the idea that the body builds its own resistance when exposed to germs etc.? Has the environment and our bodies changed so much that we can't face these by ourselves? This came out of a conversation, just wondering, thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Using the Seasonal Balancing Solution actually does help your body and its microbes build resistance when exposed. And yes, it is true that the body on its own builds resistance. It's not just your body that builds resistance naturally, it's also the microbial population that's a part of your body environment that strengthens and wards off intrusive renegade microbes marauding around your body wishing to establish a basecamp that may be counter-productive to your health.

expresspeace's Question: In working with SLG charts, would you recommend bringing up all issues that are still pending with the DDP or to focus more on the most current issues that need specific attention and balancing that day?

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend focusing on the current issues. Time alone may take care of the others.

Barbara's Question: Recently I went back to MAP. I cannot concentrate, I try and try then fall sleep. What can you suggest?

Machaelle's Answer: Stop fighting it. Set an alarm to go off at the end of the 40 minute session and fall asleep. Your team may need you to be asleep during the sessions for now.

Yami's Question: I was telling a massage therapist friend about the Joint Solution. He told me that pain in the joints is often related to other body systems, such as muscles pulling on the joints, or hormonal changes. Does the Joint Solution address these factors? I am going through menopause, had surgeries as a teenager and later related to skeletal issues. I have taken the solution for 3+ months, am still in pain. I also do MAP, Essences and take all the MBP solutions. I am grateful for all that Perelandra offers, I would be so much worse without it!

Machaelle's Answer: The Joint Solution does include anything that is related to joint deterioration and pain. I would recommend that you add ETS for Humans, taking it 5 times daily for 2 or 3 months to see if this is the last key to getting rid of the pain. Just a thought and a suggestion. I also recommend the blood type diet for joint issues, and arthritis and menopause and other issues.

Karen's Question: Hi! I don't have a question. I want to thank you so much for the pet-essences! I feel so great giving them to my little rescue poodle. He is so dear, and being able to give him those wonderful essences twice a day, comforts me deeply. I feel he is receiving the best care I can give to him. Thank you for making those available. God bless you and give you and all at Perelandra a holy season filled with Light!!

Machaelle's Answer: I'm really pleased that you're using this and feel so good about it. I think your poodle feels good about it, too. Thank you for your kind words.

Eve's Question: A warm Thank You to your team for doing such a wonderful packing job! 1. The Xmas gifts I ordered arrived beautifully wrapped! 2. Also, I think using elastic bands around the bubble wraps for the bottles is a great idea. In the past all I could do was throw away the scotch-taped wraps. Now I give them to a friend who has a gift store to wrap her merchandise in. 3. The glue on the 2 oz. bottles is really hard to peel off (to use for my own solutions), the 1/2 oz. ones wash right off.

Machaelle's Answer: 1. The wrappers thank you. The person who hates wrapping doesn't thank you. And they're not real happy about you calling attention to the free gift-wrapping on the forum. But the rest of us are smiling and would like to thank you for the Thank You!
2. Glad you found a use for the bubble wrap. Because the forum is not x-rated, we won't be telling you what we came up with for that use.
3. Our product team feels your pain. You could try soaking them in vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

Kit's Question: Ok, I'm going to jump right in: I haven't seen anything on the Perelandra site about Fukushima. (Somehow I find that alarming and comforting at the same time!) I live on the west coast of Canada and have been sucking back ETS on a daily basis waiting for news about the ongoing "clean up". Outside of having my evacuation bags packed, I'm just not sure what else to do besides sending heaps of loving, healing energy toward the whole situation. Any words of action (or maybe even comfort!) from the perspective from Nature would be most appreciated. Thank you for all you do...

Machaelle's Answer: We have a bulletin on our web site about this here. The unique problem with Fukushima is that it happened in liquid as opposed to soil, therefore it is not self-contained and it is spreading everywhere. It's not going to surprise me if people in Manhattan start asking questions in the near future. I think nature's main thought about this is, "Really? How stupid are you people to put a nuclear plant right next to the ocean — in the bullseye of every storm that could conceivably come across the ocean?!" Other than this, I don't think nature has anything to say. Except maybe, "Good luck." As for practical information, keep your bags packed.

Rose's Question: In working with a SLG (soil-less garden): when asking if there is a waiting period to go on with step 5, 1) could the wait also be hours instead of days? 2) In troubleshooting a specific issue, i.e. if general balancing or Energy Cleansing is done for a specific issue, can I also do general bal for whole SLG in same session?

Machaelle's Answer: As long as you keep your focus very clear and don't confuse the focus and slide it back and forth between the two while you're doing the processes, then yes I think you can do this. If you're tired or distracted, then back away and do one Energy Cleansing with one focus and then later do the other Energy Cleansing with the other focus.

Diana's Question: I've been using the essences for more than 2 years and they've been working well for me. My question: Lately, when retesting for symptoms and problems I've been getting just a one day dose for almost everything. This is getting very time consuming because this is happening for my whole family. Am I doing something wrong? Should I do an entire telegraph testing again? I'm just doing each symptom or body part at a time.

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, you have gotten yourself twisted into a macrame knot here and I'm not going to be able to untwist you on the forum. I suggest you call the Question Hot Line today. Because my inclination is to say, "Well, your other choice is to stop whining." I think I'm not the one you want to talk to.

Yvonne's Question: it is not an overstatement to say that MAP is one of the best things that I have ever discovered and I thank you for this system. My question is this: I have gifted several people with your book and a bottle of ETS plus, and they have to a person not responded as I have. Usually skeptical, they do not seem to give this a chance...I do not want to push them, but how can I convey how life-transforming this can be to those that I care about (and who need it).

Machaelle's Answer: You're in a similar situation that I'm in, which is that you have to be patient and let people come to it on their own. Personally, I suggest that you stop giving the book to people who are not asking for it. MAP is a big leap and people need to be ready to make the leap — or it scares the shit out of them. So practice patience and understanding. Be there to answer their questions when they ask the questions.

Susan's Question: Hi Machaelle, We have 6" Kobo Readers, and I'd love to be able to bring my entire Perelandra libray with me in it. (so much lighter than lugging books!) However, we're having trouble getting the formatting to work so that it's readable without a magnifying glass. Do you have any techy tips for us? Thanks

Machaelle's Answer: When it comes to tech stuff, you're talking to the wrong person. So I'm passing you over to Beth. Take it away Beth: We're not familiar with Kobo Readers, but we'll check them out and see what we can do. I'll get back to you on this. Anyone else out there have any suggestions on this one?

Daniel's Question: How is the best way to pour the large bottle essence into the small bottle? And what is the best way to wash the dropper after contact with the mouth?

Machaelle's Answer: There's a new 21st century invention called a funnel for pouring contents from a large container to a smaller container. For the dropper, use hot, soapy water. Swish the glass around and squeeze the bulb a few times. Then rinse it really well.

Susan's Question: Thank you for the new solutions! My energy levels are more stable (not so many naps or as much exhaustion!) and weight seems to be a bit better after 65 years! Best wishes to all.

Machaelle's Answer: This is terrific! I'm really pleased to hear this. It's exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you for your Thank You!

Prudence's Question: Hello! I ordered Essence of Perelandra, but I find myself quite hesitant to use it, in case I'm using it inappropriately. I want to be respectful, but I also don't want to let its magic just sit in the bottle. Any recommendations for how to integrate it into my life? Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: Oh, Prudence, you're in luck! Essence of Perelandra is something that can be used a lot, and liberally. Don't hesistate — just spray it on, bathe with it, shift it, take it orally. You can't overdose. I think as you feel the changes and how it helps, you'll automatically adjust how you're integrating it into your life. This is one of those solutions where just using it is using it well. If you don't have a copy of the instructions, here's the link. I agree with you — it's good not to let it just sit in the bottle.

Linda's Question: Thank you for your wonderful work. The Energy Cleansing Process in the new Workbook requires that the work be done on site. The old Energy Cleansing could be done at a distance. Will the old method still work if I can't be at the location? What do you recommend? I have the property owner's permission.

Machaelle's Answer: If you can maintain your focus on the property while doing the entire process and not have external distractions interfere with it, then you can use the new process. But this is only because you are so familiar with doing an Energy Cleansing Process. I would not recommend this for people who are just starting out.
P.S. I just remembered that you need to release any needed Solutions in a bowl that is sitting on the property. So if you're doing this long-distance, you're going to have to hire a friend to make the bowl and put it on the property for you.

Lindsay's Question: There seems to be a lot of concern, as always about receiving the flu shot. What advise would you share as to keep us as ready as we can be by using the Perelandra solutions to avoiding/helping to avoid the seasonal flu. Thanks Lindsay

Machaelle's Answer: I offer the Seasonal Balancing Solution which is specifically for this year's flu. And as for whether a person should get a flu shot, that's a personal decision that I'd rather not get involved in.

PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels