December 6, 2014

Theresa's Question: I know the Live session is getting ready to close, and I just want to wish Machaelle an early but very sincere Happy Birthday and Happy Chanukkah. I truly ~celebrate~ your life and all the amazing Pioneering you have done to benefit all of us.

Machaelle's Answer: Wow! What a way to end. Thank you!

Roberta's Question: I have the complete set of Perelandra Essences in the dram size and have been following the basic essence test as outlined in your book. I have been testing positive for all the essences every day, with an occasional exception. Since the boxes hold more than one set of Essences, I’ve been asking, for example, “Do I need all of the Rose II Essences today?” If I get No, then I test each of the bottles. Can I get accurate results by adjusting the process in this way? Thank you for all you do!

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can. Frequently people who are just starting out with the essences test for all or almost all of them for the first three months. Then magic happens and they stabilize out and require fewer bottles. As long as you feel confident that your testing is accurate with your adjustment, it's okay to continue as you are.

Serena's Question: What do you recommend for weight loss?

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend the blood type diet (Eat Right 4 Your Type) and I suggest that you look at the Energy Balancing & Stabilizing and Weight Balancing Solutions.

Karen's Question: I am very sensitive to chemicals and energies in a negative way. I have a difficult time getting out. My body doesn't seem to process toxins very well and my digestion and assimilation is also compromised. My blood sugar us difficult to stabilize, too. I have osteoporosis from the lack of absorption. I react to most nutritional supplements. And I had a lot of early childhood traumas. I have been using Perelandra processes and essences including MBP Balancers. My challenge is that I have so much going on I am never sure what question to ask or how to focus on one thing, eg. Blood sugar, sensitivities, brain fog, ... Do you have any suggestions? Thx!

Machaelle's Answer: You didn't say you were working with MAP. If not, I would suggest you start that and then take the issues to your MAP team after you've gone through the scanning session. Other than this, I just suggest you make a list of all of your questions and then start at the top, and work your way down over a period of years.

Sue's Question: If I take 7-10 Microbial Balancing Solutions each day, isn't that a lot of alcohol that I'm consuming? Many of the MBP Solutions have around 19% alcohol content each. Thanks for any input!

Machaelle's Answer: If you add up doses from all of the MBP Solutions it comes to less than a 1/4 of a teaspoon of diluted brandy — with less alcohol content than some mouthwashes. Unless you have an allergy to alcohol you're doing okay.

Kathy's Question: Got nothin' but a "hello" to Machaelle and the team! Appreciate everything! Essences, MBP Solutions, and MAP team has changed my life. Thanks Machaelle for getting the info out to us ordinary people. :)

Machaelle's Answer: Dear Kathy, you're welcome!

Susan's Question: Emergent issue! What is best to use (and how) for a just starting to teethe breastfed baby? Peevish, a little temp, etc. Have ETS, EoP, Energy Bal., Lymph, Nervous, Digestive. Using Lavender & Chamomile EO's. Also, I had L Breast lumpectomy yesterday - suggestions? Thanks so much.

Machaelle's Answer: I suggest that while you go through your recuperation you take ETS for Humans 5 times daily. And call the Question Hot Line to talk about this further. Jeannette's available until 5 p.m. today and it's answered every Wednesday as well: 1-540-937-3679.

Lori's Question: Hi Machaelle, I want to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, and for making it available to the world. I have been doing more reading than 'doing' and am still getting up the nerve to start a soilless garden (I already have ideas for 5 but want to start with one small one), but have been using the essences along with ETS (my favorite) and EOP. For awhile I was feeling a bit worse than better emotionally, but what has happened is that using the ETS and essences has brought a very old, very entrenched emotional issue to the light of day where I have been able to look at it, recognize what is happening and have just recently released it. I feel so much lighter and freer, and it has totally changed my relationship with my son. I can't thank you enough. Blesses Holidays to you, your staff and Perelandra!

Machaelle's Answer: Since there's no question, just let me cheer you on!

Sean's Question: Hi Machaelle! Happy Holidays! I'm fairly new to my co-creative relationship with Nature (two weeks, woohoo!). I even just had my first MAP scanning session. In addition to MAP I have been working with my SLG kit and opening small SLG's to practice. Anyway I'm a young fit guy that's been in the gym for years, and I knew right away I wanted to create a balanced fitness program with Nature. My question is about how the two (MAP and SLG's) are incorporated for this. Do I just include my team in the SLG coning ? As well as any other appropriate devas or members of the White Brotherhood? Also, what MBPs might be suggested for this and if it's reasonable to take them post workout in addition to before bedtime. Thank you for your guidance! Very much appreciated.

Machaelle's Answer:
First of all I'm deeply impressed with your reading comprehension and enthusiasm. Let me answer your questions one at a time. I was going to tell you to just get your regimen out of MAP, but let's cover all the bases and go ahead and do what you suggested which is add your MAP team to your SLG coning and keep your regimen as an SLG. There are no other appropriate devas or members of the White Brotherhood included beyond the SLG coning and your MAP team. Regarding the MBPs: Besides a lot of water and protein post-workout, I would add a dose of ETS for Humans and any MBPs that test positive from the list when you have your SLG + MAP team coning open. Be aware that this list may change from time to time depending on your needs, so test regularly. Our resident former nurse wanted me to remind you to take protein and water after your workouts (she's a mom as well!). If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to call the Question Hot Line on Wednesdays (1-540-937-3679). And Sean, because of your amazing enthusiasm and jumping into all of this and putting it together in a practical way — you too get a free Perelandra mug from me to show my support. Congratulations! P.S. Don't overwhelm yourself with what Perelandra has to offer because of your enthusiasm. Just like with strength training, remember to pace yourself.

Moon's Question: Hello Machaelle, I would like to know how to become a member of The White Brotherhood. What skills are they looking for? What is the White Brotherhood doing, if anything, about corporate manipulation of earth's governments and environment? Many people around the globe do not feel represented and we've marched for social justice (OWS) and for climate concerns. What else can we do?

Machaelle's Answer: Contact the Human Resources Department of the White Brotherhood and request a job application. Other than this, I suggest you just continue to live your life and continue marching for change! (Make sure you are reflecting the changes you're marching for in your own life as well. That would be important.)

Mary's Question: Hi, I have used MAP for several years and yet still do not feel connected to Pan, or that it is supporting me, even get a bit angry and try to express this to pan. Any tips? and thanks for all you all do!

Machaelle's Answer: Why do you have to feel in MAP a connection to Pan? The Pan connection in MAP is there to do a job and that's to keep you connected with your MAP team. I don't understand why you'd want to take it any further than that. So my tip is to stop getting pissed at Pan for not doing something he's not supposed to do!

Shawn's Question: Hello again..and one more question. I've been thinking more how each of our physical bodies have an elemental or nature spirit and a deva (like everything else). When we call in a coning, and we call in the higher self, are these aspects implied? If not, any reason they are not included, as it seems they'd be most crucial to the healing process! Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: When you're working with the healing process, set up the healing coning. All of the necessary and healing elements are already included.

Berkeley's Question: When asking for help from Nature, what do you do if nature tells you to put your garden/trees in an inconvenient location? Or is the best approach to go to the location you would like to use, and then simply ask if this is Ok?

Machaelle's Answer: If you would like to continue manipulating nature, go to the location you'd like to use and ask your question. However, if you leave the question open and nature locates your garden and trees in a "inconvenient" location to you, it probably means that your idea of convenience is not in balance with nature. At this point, you're going to have to make a decision — which way would you like to go? With nature? Or with you?

Twangy's Question: Curious what you'd suggest for finding a more suitable location in which to live -- like another state? MAP? If not, what? Thanks, Twang

Machaelle's Answer: Sorry to disappoint, but I have no suggestions. You'll need to figure this one out for yourself. This is not an appropriate question to take to MAP. You could set up a soil-less garden project. Define the kind of place you want to live and use the processes in the Soil-less Garden Companion.

Jane's Question: My MAP Team and I are "tight" and I open conings a lot and God knows I'm pretty sure I would've expired by now if they didn't play with me as often as they do, however, last night, after a bout of something (food poisoning maybe) along with a previous night of no sleep, I asked the team to "PLEASE get me to sleep and keep me there through the night." So was that a bone-head request? I didn't sleep well at all. Seriously, was that NOT a request that they could deal with?

Machaelle's Answer: Actually, at a certain point the MAP teams do expect you to take care of yourself in very basic ways. And if you're going to set yourself up so that it's impossible to sleep, they're not going to over-ride that. So I suggest taking better care of yourself and not depending on your MAP team do this for you.

Victoria's Question: (follow-up to question # 26) OR, I could just get out of the way of how they are setting up :). It's just that I wondered about the magnetic aspect and wanted to know what you thought about that part.

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, that's a plan Victoria!

Shawna's Question: Hi Machaelle, I've loved learning from your products over the years ... they are wonderful! I just did a TT/general balancing and got 4 areas to work with from the checklist, then did each of the 4 charts and corresponding troubleshooting process for each. It took about an hour…felt like a nice healing session, much as a massage might be for someone! It seems that going about the MBP this way on a regular basis would be very beneficial, whether once/wk, or once/month. However, anytime I've done that and also TT'd for a specific issue so many other things test on the list that didn't on the general TT. If I do a general TT process and clearing regularly wouldn't it eventually cover all the other imbalances that may be present while not having to focus on every symptom?? Thank you and enjoy your day!

Machaelle's Answer: Doing a regular general telegraph test on a weekly or a monthly basis is definitely going to help. It's something I recommend to people. But because it is general, it addresses your specific imbalances in a general way. To address the specific issues, you're going to have to set-up the specific work/testing for that issue. This points out the brilliance of telegraph testing. It gives you precision. So I suggest that you continue on and not worry about your testing results.

Kirsten's Question: I am using the SLG techniques to work with groups. I introduce it, assist in the formation of the DDP, and facilitate. I also offer reading materials, teach the processes, encourage practice and getting their own bottle of ETS. a three day Joanna Macy workshop was planned by me and one other this way, worked great! Machaelle, how do you feel about this work getting out to greater numbers of people this way - 150 people who had not done the prep work for the cocreative project got to reap the benefits, and saw and heard a bit about Co-creation with nature.The workshop went so smoothly, was easy to porduce, and the money and food was plentiful and right,and everyone's shared experience was richer and well grounded. It feels really good to me to be able to do this, I would just like to check on your feeling about it.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm inclined to say that I don't have any problem with this as long as you follow three guidelines: 1) Do not represent yourself as connected with Perelandra or trained by Perelandra. That would be mis-leading and unfair to your clients. 2) Do not change any steps of any of the processes that you're talking about. 3) Do not distribute any copyrighted material without first requesting and receiving permission from us. Other than this, I say good luck! I'm glad you're helping people to introduct people to Perelandra and the nature concepts. I appreciate that you got in touch with us and asked us about this.

Rosi's Question: In 2001 I was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme's disease. I started on antibiotics and Nature Program essences at the same time. I tested to take the essences for 20 days. When they were done, still on antibiotics, the high fever and pain came back. I retested for essences, and have been free of Lyme's ever since. Now I have met a man with chronic Lyme's and fibromyalgia. He's in too much severe, unrelenting pain and brain fog to take up Perelandra by himself. Is there anything besides NP/SoulRay essences and EoP I could suggest?

Machaelle's Answer: ETS for Humans, particularly for his pain on a daily basis. You can start by reading Chapter 8 of The Perelandra Essences here and learning more about ways ETS for Humans is used before you introduce it to him and then talk him through it.

Rose's Question: Re: weight and energy bal. solutions - I did the first 2 months 2X day tho missed a dose every now and then, then went to 1X day. Life unfolded and I stopped for a while and recently have started up again. Is it best to start all over with the 2X day for 2 months again.

Machaelle's Answer: The introductory time-frame is 3 months. Just to cover your bases, go ahead and start over. That way you won't accidentally miss anything.

EE's Question: Hi Machaelle! What are some ways to work with my children with learning issues, autism and OCD? I use MAP and MBP's and individual essences, and overall they are nice and healthy, but I don't feel like I've seen progress in the autism related issues. Maybe I'm not asking MAP the questions or presenting the issues in a way that would bring solutions, and sometimes I don't think they want to be "normalized" anyway. Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: I would suggest you continue doing what you're doing, but add one for thing just in case and that's to do an "Extreme Trauma Repair Process" (aka Body/Soul Fusion) with ETS for Humans — just in case. If that doesn't make a change, then you're probably right and they are currently showing you the new "normal."

Janeen's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am thanking you and your full house team for all you provide for us. it can be incomprehensible at times, but I always experience a foundation of steady support with all of Perelandra's products.I have been following your Protocol for cancer and have been sailing through my cancer protocol. I haven't any questions just a big Thank you!! You are amazing!!!

Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for letting me hear this. I'm really pleased that you're following the Cancer Protocol. I have a feeling some people look at it and even though they need it, they back away because they think it's too complex. So I tip my hat to you for your courage and your stick-to-it-ness. And because you've made me so happy, you get a free mug too! When you look at it, just know that Perelandra is supporting you as you go through this as well.

Lisa's Question: Given all the environmental and human turbulence happening right now, what can you tell us what is going on with your work with the WB? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: It's an on-going daily thing. I can say to you that they're not nearly as worried about our insanity as we are. They have a lot of tolerance.

Tracee's Question: I am in need of a modified version of PKTT that would be acceptable and easier on my thumb joints, if there is one. I switched to PKTT when I started Perelandra processes and essences 6-7 years ago. I like it and it works well for me except in the last 3 months my thumb joints on both hands now hurt, a lot, all the time. Its that 'pushing against and outward' movement that is not making my thumbs happy where there had been no issues before. I have been using joint solution since it came out and my body wanted 4 months of twice a day before changing to once a day. Testing still indictes once a day. I use all MBPs at night and have taken this to MAP a couple times but the pain, often sharp and present for all thumb movements, still persists. I am in my early 60's and the rest of my finger joints seem to be fine. Could you, please, offer thumb help?

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, Tracee, I feel your pain. But we're in luck here. We already have the solution to your problem. Here's the link to Another Testing Method where you get to work with kinesiology and you don't have to use your thumbs at all. If you have any trouble setting up and using this, call the Question Hot Line and they'll talk you through it.

Catherine's Question: My mom does Energy Cleansing on rare occasions for her house, using the original (out of print) Workbook II Process. She has never done one for the property itself. Generally speaking, is it advisable to start with the largest area? For example, do energy processes or troubleshooting on the whole property first, then the house? Or a whole office first if one has the appropriate responsibility / permission, then a specific room later? If it's someone else who wants my help, should I address exactly what they first ask for, or give them options?

Machaelle's Answer: Catherine, you've been with us for over 20 years and you know how to do kinesiology very well. You should be setting up with nature to ask these questions. You are perfectly capable of finding the answers to your own questions on this.

Pam's Question: Not a question but an experience. I have a chronic illness and weak veins. Giving blood is a mild challenge but usually works. I was having blood drawn for a new kind of test and it just wouldn't work. I had my MAP team with me and I got cranky that they weren't helping with the blood draw. We had to scratch the procedure. Turns out my MAP team was right! The procedure equipment was out of date and there are no labs nearby that could even run the test. I didn't find this out until a few days later. My MAP team rocks!! Thank you Machaelle for bringing this program to the world.

Machaelle's Answer: See?! Your MAP team really does take care of you! Glad to hear this worked out for you.

MK's Question: Greetings and thank you Perelandra! 1. Which Microbial Balancing solutions would you recommend for toenail fungus?

Machaelle's Answer: You can start with the basics: Immune, Lymphatic and Integumentary (aka "skin, hair and nails) Solutions. But if this doesn't give you the results you may need to increase that to include the Perelandra Essences.

Rob's Question: Hi Machaelle! Thanks for your wonderful contribution to mine and everyone's life! I am a chiropractic kinesiologist and use a "menu" -- which is similar to your TT checklist. Recently, I've decided to add "treat microbes associated with patient" and it shows up a lot, and I'm seeing terrific results. However, when (say) Energy Cleansing Process or the Calibration Process tests, I "can't" really wait 10 or 15 minutes silent with the patient and so I wind up simply testing for what's needed for balancing and stabilizing. And it tests that I don't need to do anything but that - but I hope I'm not being biased with that... Is there a suggestion you have to "streamline" those more lengthy processes when working with patients, while still getting the full benefit? Thanks so much!

Machaelle's Answer: First thought: Is it possible that you keep testing for Energy Cleansing for your patients because you're not doing a daily Energy Cleansing Process for your office and the patient is picking up someone else's "stuff"? Just throwing this question your way. Secondly, the 10 or 15 minute "silent period" is a general cover-all. Since you are adept at kinesiology testing, I suggest that when you come to that silent period, start it for each patient by asking, "How long should the silent period be for this patient?" You'll probably find that less time is needed because the process is being done within the context of a professional enviroment with your assistance. At times you probably are being biased (such as on over-booked and really hectic days), but we all deal with that. Myself included. You just have to buck it up and commit to going for what is actually needed. I'm really glad to hear you're using the processes and testing with your practice. And for your diligence, I am awarding you the second Perelandra mug of the day! That way you'll know that Perelandra is with you and supporting you as you go through your day.

Mary's Question: Hi Machaelle SO happy to have you doing this! What is your opinion of the use of far-infared saunas [the low EMF kind] in a regular health program? Useful? Just pleasent, safe? Thanks and appreciation.

Machaelle's Answer: Well, I've never thought about this and I don't plan to. . . . So I guess I have no opinion! ;D

T's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am relatively new to MAP. Sometimes when the 40 minutes are up and I try to ask follow up questions, I find that the MAP coning is no longer open. Do you have any thought/advice on this? Thank you for all of your help! T

Machaelle's Answer: The MAP coning never closes until YOU close it. You are the one in control. If you have not closed it, yet you're testing that it is closed, your testing is off. So ask your follow-up questions anyway and trust that you'll get the answers through insight if your testing is off on your follow-up questions as well. Your MAP team will cover your ass on this.

Victoria's Question: Again great thanks for all of your work -- have been with you for over ten years. Here’s my question and I hope it makes sense. In the “closed electrical circuit of the coning” are we also electromagnetic within the MAP session? Are we using the two parts (electrical closed circuit AND magnetic force within in working with MAP and our team -- thoughts as electric, the body as emotion or magnetic -- thought/electricity -- going out as intention with our MAP team assisting, emotion drawing back or bringing the manifestation back into a form, again with assistance, essences etc. -- (of Health, well being, Battle Release, ease....). Much gratitude, VB

Machaelle's Answer: You know what Victoria, I think you need to ask your MAP team all of these questions. Let them tell you how they're setting up. Personally, this is more detail than I care to bother with.

Nancy's Question: Hello Machaelle, I'm so happy to have joined Perelandra many years ago. I love all of you and your help. I am dealing with a cronic illness and my MAP sessions are not going well ... I can't lay still and I can't focus ... any ideas?

Machaelle's Answer: Sit instead of laying down and don't try to focus. Just rest your mind. Don't think of anything else that is non-health-related such as your grocery list. Just spend the time relaxing and trust that your MAP team has everything well in hand . . . if only you'll get out of the way! ;-) Note: Just don't cross your arms or your legs while you're sitting. And also don't read a book. It's still a MAP session.

Gaya's Question: A friend of mine did a Body/Soul Fusion process quite a while ago (which now is different) and it greatly improved her ADD symptoms. This makes sense to me. Have others reported that?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes.

Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle - you are the best! I caught a nasty sore throat and cough but the processes are working so well, that I am moving through the imbalance quickly. Happy Holidays!

Machaelle's Answer: Ruth, you rock! Fantastic. Happy Holidays back to you!

Gaya's Question: Have there been many reports of improvement using these techniques for fibromyalgia?

Machaelle's Answer: Lots of questions (and answers) about fibromyalgia over the years, but not much follow-up. Usually when people have success they carry on we don't hear from them.

Caroline's Question: My husband and I were taking the Energy Balancing & Stabilizing, Weight Balancing, and Joint Health for about a month when our schedule became very hectic with traveling. We "fell off the wagon" and haven't taken them for a couple of weeks. Can we just pick up where we left off or do we need to consider that we are starting over?

Machaelle's Answer: Just pick up where you left off. If at the end of the recommended time-frame you feel you need a little bit more time, extend it the extra two weeks.

Schande's Question: I'm interested in the integumentary system balancing solution for my housemate's dog (a lot of itching without any obvious irritants), and for her sore and itchy rashes (friction rashes, stress-related). I read that the preservative for animal use is brandy, but humans it's vinegar (though humans can use the brandy preservative also, correct?). Is there any other system solution you'd recommend for use with the dog? Should the drops be given a certain length of time from any food? Can the dog have water right before &/or after the drops? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I hope you have your room-mate's permission to pursue these questions for his or her dog. Otherwise, you shouldn't be asking me — you should be talking to your room-mate. Also, all of these questions you ask about administering the Solutions are provided in the brochures. Instead of Integumentary you might try talking to your room-mate about administering ETS for Animals for the problem. That comes with a brochure that gives you all the guidelines as well. Humans can take the brandy or vinegar preservative. In fact, so can animals but most animals prefer the brandy.

Kimberly's Question: First a sincere 'heart hug' to you for all of the works and creations you've put out into the world. They have made a tremendous difference in my life! I use the MAP program, and all of the products. My question is in regards to ethics, perhaps, and the limitations of a MAP team working on another life still growing in my tummy! To influence the balance and development of my baby, would I need to do full MAP sessions for the baby in addition to my own? And, at what point is my MAP team not able to work on the baby anymore? (for example I know a child depends on the mother as it grows its own energetic boundaries/field until about 7 years -- does that extend my MAP teams ability to work on him/her as well/?) Or is it all surrogate testing right after birth? Along the same lines, as I take my MBP solutions does the fetus get the same benefits or is there some point before birth when I need to start telegraph testing them to him/her?

Machaelle's Answer: While you're pregnant, you only need to do full MAP sessions for yourself. Because of the nature of the pregnancy, the baby's development and well-being are automatically taken into consideration. Once the child is born, you'll need to establish a MAP team especially for him or her and follow the instructions for surrogate MAP for children. You don't have to telegraph MBP Solutions to the fetus because it will receive the benefits along with you when you take them. However, should your baby develop problems then you would be telegraphing the Solutions that are needed specifically to the fetus to address the problems.

Marilyn's Question: I sent a question just a few minutes ago and to tag onto your question #4 about should purpose, that's how I feel and have felt for years! How can I get back into - if ever I was there - the MAP program? So sad, so sorry.

Machaelle's Answer: Look, let's do this the easy way Marilyn! Just start over and do the first scanning session, then get your team's code name and go from there. The code name may be the same as the one you had before or like every other password in the world, it may be updated! No need to be sorry. Just glad you're willing to work with MAP now.

Sherry's Question: I want to do a battle release process on myself, and I test positive to do one. My property also needs one but the direction is that I should do one for myself first. I don't know in what framework it should be done in though? I mean can I just do the battle release on it's own or does it need to be part of a Soilless Garden with a DDP?

Machaelle's Answer: The Battle Energy Release Process is for environments and not for humans. I suggest that you take this issue to MAP. Just open a regular MAP session and say, "I feel like I need to do a Battle Energy Release Process on myself. Please help me figure this out, or do something that's equivalent to the process but made for humans." Be sure to take ETS for Humans after that MAP session. I think you should do this first and then test to see if the Battle Energy Release Process is needed for your soil-less garden.

Cath's Question: When using Telegraph Testing for chronic illness, incorporating the list of symptoms and the checklist of various body systems -- should I ask about any unknown "Symptom X", or is that already covered by testing the "Factor X" area included on the bottom of the checklist? Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: It's automatically covered with factor X.

Heidi's Question: Speaking of EoP I have two big bottles of it and I really don't know when to use it? New to MAP so this is all new to me.

Machaelle's Answer: Did you not get a brochure with your order? If not, here's a link to the instructions online: EoP Brochure. If you'd like a paper copy, just call the order line at 1-800-960-8806 and let them know.

Marilyn's Question: This is going to be an embarrassing thing to write -- I thought the MAP program was no longer in use!? Was that for animals or for humans? Either/neither?

Machaelle's Answer: The MAP program is alive, well and thriving. People were trying to use it for animals and so from the very beginning I've been saying it's not for animals. I even put the Nature Healing Process in the MAP book so that they could use it and stop using MAP for their animals.

Hilary's Question: Hello, and happy holidays. Thanks for this opportunity to ask a question. I've been taking Weight Balancing and Energy Balancing for about nine months now. In that time I've put on about 8-10 pounds, taking me from overweight to obese on the BMI index. What seems to be happening is that I am eating loads of butter and other things that always seemed 'forbidden' and 'bad' and I just don't care! Do you think this is part of the process of gradually moving to my optimum weight, whatever it is? (To be honest, I do hope that obese isn't where I'm going to stay!)

Machaelle's Answer: Interesting question. I don't think obesity is ever going to be included on the optimum weight scale. My thought is that something in your diet is serving as a trigger and you need to identify what that is and then eliminate it. The trigger is over-riding your quest to get to optimum weight. I could come up with some more complex directions to go with this, but let's start at the super-easy point. And that is: Right after taking your daily dose of Weight Balancing and Energy Balancing & Stabilizing, ask the question, "What is the trigger that's throwing my diet off?" You only need to ask the question once. Then go about your day. Pay attention to any insights or ideas that happen to dance through your head and adjust your diet according to that. If that isn't working for you, call the Question Hot Line and we can come up with different tactics to pursue.

Rebecca's Question: What is the phrase staement verse you state to bring the invisible world and any other helpers for you to work through

Machaelle's Answer: I open a coning. The instructions are in the following books, The Perelandra Garden Workbook, Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion and Co-Creative Science. Take your pick!

Rose's Question: I am saddened to read about Toby's passing - for you and for all at Perelandra. May his light shine forever in your hearts. With love.

Machaelle's Answer: Aw, thank you. This is one of those days when Toby is sorely missed because for 12 years I've had him with me for all of the Open Houses. It helped having him right next to me. I appreciate your kind words.

Eve's Question: I have worked a lot with MBP TT charts and have noticed that areas both under the general balancing and then under the specific testing initially test to be troubleshooted, but when I get to the actual individual chart, they no longer need testing. Is that because areas that I troubleshooted further up on that list have taken care of the issues further down the list?

Machaelle's Answer: That's quite possible. I just recommend you just go with your testing.

Eve's Question: No question, just some grateful feedback. I have found EoP to be an excellent pain killer after surgery, taken as needed (two doses), usually three times a day. Really love this product, also for the NS (aka "Nature Shift"), awesome!

Machaelle's Answer: Wow! I'm really glad to hear about your success in using EoP to relieve pain after surgery. Thanks for letting me know. And I'm glad you're feeling better.

Catherine's Question: I'm delighted with the ongoing development of the website. Would you & nature consider a highly-visible link for something like "User Comments and Questions", to make it easier to find Voices articles, product reviews, all Q&A forums, and tips--visible on most parts of the website? I've learned a lot from all of these.

Machaelle's Answer: Well, Catherine, this means you did find all of those things. If you have trouble, you can always click the "Learn More" button at the top of every page!

Karen's Question: I just want to say thanks. Your essences make a huge difference in my life. I am so grateful. The wonderful work all of you do at Perelandra is beyond exciting. Thanks to ALL of you, and especially to Machaelle!!! Thanks, karen

Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you have the essences on your side!

Russ's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thanks for the amazing work you are doing! I have an SLG for our 'Home Environment' (our apartment), and when I recently did a General Balance the Battle Energy Release Process did not show up under the SLG Troubleshooting List, but was needed under the Workbook II Troubleshooting Process. Did I miss something doing the SLG Process or does the Workbook II cover a different aspect of our Home Environment?

Machaelle's Answer: It covers a different aspect. It's a different focus the way it's set up. It's just that instead of doing a Battle Energy Release for your home environment by way of "Highway 9" you are instead coming in by way of "Highway 136." Enjoy the ride. It's a more scenic route! But, seriously, this is the kind of nuance that the SLG process provides, so good for you for not just dismissing your testing results!

Linda's Question: First, thank you yet again for all you do for us. In regard to Tip 9 when testing essences for connected circuits and then origination circuits for a chronic condition, do you need to take ETS too?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, include ETS for Humans in your testing. If you need it, it will test positive.

Nancy's Question: Thank you. My understanding of the human i/e balance is that use of free will can modify the "original" soul's purpose. I'm quite sure I've practiced that many times, often ego-driven. Is there some way you can suggest, for me to understand "where" I should be or the appropriate direction?

Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you start MAP if you haven't already. If you have started MAP, present this exact question to your MAP team and let them help you. Personally, I hardly know what you're talking about and I have no clue how to answer your question — but your team will understand!

Greg's Question: I was using the Feline Joint product for my older cat for a while and her jumping was improving a great deal. I was placing the drops on turkey and she would eat it without problem. However, now she won't eat the turkey if I put the drops on it. She's not the type of kitty I can give drops to orally. Not sure what to do now. She is still better, but I feel she can still improve from the drops. Thanks!!!! Greg

Machaelle's Answer: Try putting the drops on a small dab of butter. Have it on your finger and let her lick it off your finger. She will appreciate the intimacy.

Jeff's Question: How long can you store the MBP's? I over purchased a few and I'm wondering how long will they maintain their vitality.

Machaelle's Answer: They've got an indefinite shelf-life. They maintain their vitality for years and years and years. The one thing you have to do, however, it make sure that the bottles are standing up so that the rubber bulb remains dry. Otherwise the Solution will eventually taste like rubber. It'll still be viable but taste rubbery.

Theresa's Question: I have finally been reading the new Perelandra Essences book, and from the discussion on the electrical system, it occurred to me that when we open a MAP coning it may be that we are actually creating a closed electrical circuit as well. Is this a correct assumption?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, it's true. That's how conings connect. And — you get a gold star for that question. I actually had to think about it! I'm tickled, I'm giving you a free mug! The ladies in Customer Service will contact you.

PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels