Welcome to The Perelandra Garden Workbook Classroom and gardening in a new kind of partnership with nature. This classroom is the interactive part of your Workbook. To be part of this class, you need to be reading the Workbook and working with its information.

The classroom includes:

Workbook Tips from Machaelle
As I see environmental or other Workbook-related issues arise around the globe that could have a direct impact on your co-creative partnership, I will send you a quick EarthSave email (see below) with tips for working with nature to address the new and challenging situations. This way I can stay connected with you during these interesting times of change. Tips are listed in the left-hand column under "Workbook Classroom." NOTE: For quick identification, the subject line in the EarthSave emails will be "Workbook Classroom: Tip."

Most recent: Tip 4. ETS for Water & ETS for Atmosphere


Workbook Q & A Bulletins
In addition to Machaelle's scheduled Workbook Forums, when we receive Workbook-related questions from you by email or on our Question Hot Line, we will post pertinent questions, along with the answers on our web site. If we think a particular Q&A will be of interest to many, we will also send out a short bulletin email (see below) so you can benefit from the experiences of others working with these techniques.

Last Update: May 3, 2013


Workbook EarthSave Email List
We have an EarthSave email list (or "Workbook Classroom roster") for those who purchase the Garden Workbook. If we already have your email address, we will automatically add you to this list so that you receive all announcements, Machaelle's Workbook Tips and Q&A's pertaining to the Workbook. If we do not already have your email address, you can sign up for this new option here.

You will not automatically be added to any of our other email lists. So unless you already have signed up or do sign up for any of the other EarthSave options, you will ONLY receive email from us pertaining to the Workbook. (As always, we never sell our email lists — your email address stays with us.)


Getting New Workbook Information from Machaelle
When you receive your copy of The Perelandra Garden Workbook, I recommend that you print off all the Tips, alerts and other Workbook-related information and store them in the back of your Workbook binder. Go to our website, then click the "Workbook Classroom" link on the home page for printing off the Tips that have already been posted. Then print off the new ones as you receive your Classroom EarthSaves.

One of the nice things about using three-ring binders is that new information can be easily included and kept with the book. This way, you'll be able to quickly find and refer back to it when needed. If you are using the Workbook e-book, I suggest in Chapter 6 that you create a three-ring binder for storing notes. It’s the perfect place for you to keep all your Workbook Classroom information, as well.


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