by Pam Murray

A few years ago, my dear friends showed me how to make an Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS)*. I found it was quite helpful during my "klutzy" times. In addition, I began to use it after my workouts. As a mature but not quite overripe athlete, I need all the help I can get. However, Spirit and Nature began to tell me that it really wasn't appropriate for that use, and I felt directed to make a special solution to help me to recover from working out. I made it in exactly the same way as I made my ETS, only I set the intention to use it for workout recovery. It made a big difference!

As I used my MAP team to help when I was stiff and sore from running, gardening, bicycling, swimming and chasing grandkids, it occurred to me that I might be able to call on a team to help me with my workouts. Thereupon I established my MAP Workout Team (MAP with a workout focus), using the same basic process as I used to connect to my MAP team. Now, when I work out, I connect with my Workout Team, explaining to them my focus for the day and any physical, emotional or mental challenges I'm having that day. For instance, I may ask them to help support my lung capacity or to strengthen a sore ankle so I don't get injured. I listen to their advice about how much to train, including the days I should take off.*

Recently I participated in a triathlon. For two weeks before the event, I suffered from a lung infection. Doing MBP and working with my MAP team had provided some relief, but, when I got up the morning of the event, I coughed for about 45 minutes, even though I felt fine otherwise. I immediately connected with my Workout Team.

The triathlon proved to be a delightful time! The weather was great, and the minute we arrived I felt energized. Throughout the next two hours of swimming, bicycling and running, I forgot about my lungs because there was no congestion whatsoever. Greeted by my husband, son and a grandson at the finish, I found I had energy to spare! And I have been healthy ever since.

* Editor's Notes: 1) This article was written prior to the development of ETS Plus. 2) When communicating with your MAP team outside of a MAP session, be sure to have a regular follow-up session within 24 hours.