April 21, 2018

Your 2018 Earth Day Commitments!

Earth Genesa

Thank you! to everyone who took the time to share with us what you have chosen to commit to in honor of Earth Day. We have to give a special nod to the Pacific Northwest, whose residents responded to the challenge more than any other region.

Here are a few examples of what folks working with the Perelandra programs and products are doing:


For the Earth Day Challenge, I decided to start out by changing my coffee choice to one that is shade grown, organic and part of the Rainforest Alliance. It's fairly easy to do in my neighborhood, since I live in Seattle. We have a local co-op, PCC, that only sells coffee of that nature. The tricky part will be finding one my picky partner likes as much or more than the coffee we currently drink.

Once that is accomplished, I will another pick another challenge and keep on going!

~ Washington, USA

Super Recycler Dino

This year I am moving 90% of my yard to be a combination permaculture food forest, and bee, butterfly and bird sanctuary: Dedicated to working more closely and consciously with nature. Letting volunteer plants suggest themselves. Getting more of my family's food from the yard (lots of new fruit trees/nut trees/berries as well as veg and flowers). Adding a hive of bees. Digging up a quarter of my asphalt driveway to put in gardens.

I have a little 1/3-acre plot in town, but it's turning into a paradise. My last name is Wing and I have named my property "WingHaven" — for human and non-human life.

~ Oregon, USA

I already buy perhaps 50 % of our family's groceries organically grown and/or locally raised, but I will bump that up higher (to at least 90% if I can manage). That one is such a win-win-win: Better for us, for healthy farms and farmers, for pollinators, waterways and the whole ecosystem we share.

~ Washington, USA

I’ve decided to see my condo garden through this year, as my way of combatting the effects of climate change.

~ Washington, USA

Vote with your actions and your pocketbook and your daily choices. Last year I printed out a list of food companies under Monsanto's umbrella and handed it around [to family and friends]. This year I'm going to dig a little deeper.

~ Pennsylvania, USA

I [will] honor and celebrate Earth Day 2018 by wearing my Perelandra tee shirt and work in my little garden.

~ California, USA

My new small step this year is to bring and use mesh bags when I buy produce rather than the plastic bags at the store.


For this year's Earth Day Challenge, I'm going to try to get more of my co-workers to request and use compostable k-cups instead of the regular plastic ones.

~ Virginia, USA

What did you decide?
We would love to hear from you. When you're ready, click this link to tell us what you've decided to do to counter-act climate change.