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One Bite at a Time
Your Co-Creative Gardener's Kit
and When To Use It

UPDATE: April 2019

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You co-creative gardeners will reach for the tools in your Perelandra Co-Creative Gardener's Kit as often as you reach for your pruning scissors, garden fork, trowel and rakes.

CG Kit

Anyone wanting to address the balance of their land or home environment, will appreciate having these Solutions on hand. For a co-creative gardener, you'll need them throughout the seasons.

  • ETS for Soil
  • ETS for Plants
  • ETS for Water
  • ETS for Atmosphere
  • ETS for Animals
  • Essence of Perelandra (EoP)
  • ETS for Humans

2.0 Gardeners
Add the Perelandra Nature Cards to your Kit now. Later, when you start working with the troubleshooting chart and processes, you'll also need the MBP Balancing Solutions Travel Kit with Repro-Male and the Perelandra Soil Balancing Process Kit.

Times to Reach for Your Perelandra Solutions Using Solutions

  • Establishing an overall general balance in your garden, for your soil and/or plants
  • Planting and transplanting
  • Strengthening plants or seeds purchased or brought in from elsewhere
  • Activating a new garden
  • Making big changes to the garden
  • UV damage
  • Insect damage
  • Disease
  • Strengthening against plant disease or insect infestations in your region
  • Strengthening the health of insects or wildlife
  • Hurricane, tornado or other wind and storm damage
  • Removing obstacles
  • Gardener wounds, injuries, bites, stings, falls, knee and back strain, sunburn . . .
  • Balancing yourself before beginning a round of garden testing, and after
  • For seed starts and in the greenhouse: regular misting, watering, soaking seeds, preparing germinating soil mixes
  • Potting up
  • Hardening off
  • Thinning
  • Foliar feeding
  • Restoring or strengthening soil
  • Weather extremes (wind, heat, cold, drought, excess rain . . . )
  • Strengthening when neighbors are spraying insecticides and herbicides or spreading sludge
  • Rebalancing the garden after trauma in your life or your family
  • Stress "in the air" (not just your own personal stress, but what's happening in the world around you)

That's just a start to get you thinking! You can use these Solutions to provide support, strength, balancing and repairing in any garden situation.

Start-Stop Gut Gardeners

Read about the first group of Solutions on pages 86-87, "Starting Your Co-Creative Gardener's Kit."

When you sense that nature is telling you these are needed, apply them using the simple steps listed on pages 87-88, "Using ETS and EoP for Obstacles."

Or, use the instructions given in the brochures that come with each Solution. Each brochure gives you simple steps that don't require PKTT or any testing.

TPGW p86

2.0 Gardeners

Read pages 86-87, "Starting Your Co-Creative Gardener's Kit" and pages 103-104, “Co-Creative Gardener's Kit for Gardening 2.0"

There are also times that you will just use the instructions given in the brochures that come with each Solution.

You'll also incorporate the Solutions when using the balancing processes in Part Four of the Garden Workbook, and the 2.1 Troubleshooting Process. We'll talk more about this later in spring.

TPGW p103

We continue to hear from new co-creative gardeners. You are all giving us hope, in a time when our environment is more threatened than ever.

Thank you for taking this leap, for putting in the time, for caring about nature and taking action.

Know that we're always here to support you in this journey with nature.

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