Posted: April 5, 2018

Perelandra's Earth Day Challenge 2018

Earth Genesa

We celebrate the power of the individual.
You can make a change for the better!

Earth Day is April 22nd. Each year, we like to re-issue a challenge set forth by Machaelle Wright. It's a simple challenge to everyone out there using the Perelandra tools and working with nature: Take one action or make one change in your life that will help to stem the tide of climate change.

If the phrase "climate change" makes your eyes glaze over and your brain shut down, we give you these wise words from Machaelle's original message:

While governments, politicians, CEOs and fossil fuel industry titans argue . . . let us down-in-the-trenches folks just get on with making our part of the changes that are required . . . As I said in the Garden Workbook, these problems have been and are continuing to be caused by the massive collection of our individual, tiny actions. Yes, the fallout of the Industrial Revolution and poor decisions on the part of industry and governments play a role in this. However, I believe they are responsible for only 50% of the problem. We individuals are responsible for the other 50%. All the issues boil down to one thing: What scientific and industrial developments do we want to include in our lives and how much do we want to use them. Industry and governments may look big and out of control but, in actuality, we individuals are the ones who are in control. You know how to change an industry's crappy, problem-producing product? Stop buying it. If a company's sales suddenly drop, you will be shocked at how fast that company will change the product in order to regain those lost sales.

What does it matter if we never again hear or if we completely ignore the words "global warming" and "climate change?" Let's embrace a little reality here. As long as we remain aware of the issues that adversely impact our lives and care deeply enough about them to do something to affect change, we will be responsibly addressing our 50% of the problem. Need I point out that we're talking about a full half of the problem here?! We don't have to wait for those who are causing the other 50% to come to their senses and lead the way. We individuals are the leaders of our own way. In fact, if we address our 50% as it relates to our lives and our homes, we will force those causing the other 50% to get off their butts, move faster and get with our program.

For this challenge of ours, we want no obstacles between you, the information you need and the action you want to take. has made this simple. They've put in the research. They know the 100 most effective choices we can make to reverse global warming. They have tools in place to help you choose what you're going to commit to this year, and then take action.

They're calling it the "Drawdown EcoChallenge." We enthusiastically encourage you to check it out and do your part.

Drawdown EcoChallenge 2018 »

What did you decide?
We would love to hear from you. Bookmark to this message for the links and inspiration. And when you're ready, click this link to tell us what you've decided to do to counter-act climate change.

Still think what you choose won't make a difference?
Read Machaelle's article on Celebrating the Power of the Individual »