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Update: February 16, 2019

Perelandra Tip

Keep Your EoP Infusion Pump On You

Essence of Perelandra or "EoP" is a gift from the heart of Perelandra.

EoP provides the unique balance of the Perelandra garden to add strength, stability and support to . . . anything. The EoP Infusion Pump offers a gentle, continuous infusion of that energy that permeates through the glass bottle and into your body's biosphere on all its levels: physical, emotional, mental and soul.

Whether it's in a front pocket, on a cord around your neck or safely tucked in your clothes somewhere . . . Have your EoP Infusion Pump with you every day. Let it help you maintain your equilibrium through difficult times.

When dealing with the aftermath of a disaster or trauma, or preparing for a challenging event: This little bottle radiates strong support when you're striving to stay level-headed and make difficult decisions. When you're at the tipping point, the EoP Pump helps you tip toward balance.

We suggest everyone keep a few extra EoP Infusion Pumps in your ETS Disaster Bag. Have enough to hand one to each family member when needed.

The added balance EoP Infusion provides is helpful to everyone, especially these days. Here are a few other reasons to keep EoP in your pocket:

  • If you are having health issues

  • If you're having financial problems or employment problems

  • If you're going through relationship challenges such as separation, divorce, trouble with children, relatives, co-workers or friends

  • If you work in a "sick" building or you are around sick people

  • If you watch or read the news and keep up with what's going on in the world, even though some days you feel like giving it up

  • If you regularly take the time and opportunity to talk with family members and friends about challenging issues in hopes of making the world a better place (even that kooky cousin who thinks climate change is a hoax)

  • When you attend a vigil, a protest, a march, a memorial . . . or any gathering where you'd rather not get thrown off-kilter


EoP Pump

EoP infusion is also useful when you travel, especially if it takes you into a different environment with different food and water than what you are used to.


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