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Gardening Series, Part 4
Your Garden Layout
For Strength and Balance
from the Question Line Duo

Update: February 2021

The Gardening Series



When you're ready to settle in for your next session with nature, we encourage you to enjoy this time. Value these moments you set aside to focus on balance, with the partner who knows balance best.

Before we begin the next step, we'd like to address a question often asked of us around this time each year, as folks are inspired to start their garden. Yay! (If you're ready for the next step, skip to below the photo of the Perelandra garden layout from 2009.)

Question: "I just pulled my original Perelandra Garden Workbooks off the shelf and dusted them off, can you give me the corresponding pages in those books?"

Answer: We love that you've been inspired to dust off your first 1980s or 90s Garden Workbook. Unfortunately, there just aren't corresponding pages for many of our references in this series.

Machaelle completely rewrote, upgraded, improved and added information in The Perelandra Garden Workbook — first published in 2012 and updated with the softcover, second edition in 2020. The introduction and beginner's Gut Gardening section is available free online here.

With the ebook, you can easily follow along with our series (and print off just the few pages we refer to each week if you don't like reading on the computer). Just don't let your enthusiasm wane!

2009 Garden Overhead

The next step in your co-creative garden. Do you have your seed and plant lists completed? Get them out, along with your drawing of your garden's shape and size. You are now going to work on the layout of your garden with your nature partner. With this step, you'll begin to visualize the garden coming together.

Need to back up to an earlier step? Part 3: Getting Your Seed and Plant List

Hint for Everyone: Take a moment to re-read your garden DDP before you begin each garden session. It will get you focused on your goal and remind you why you are getting this information. This adds clarity.

Gut Gardeners

You'll begin by reading a few pages for added understanding on how to proceed in your Gut Garden. Start at the second paragraph on page 25, "Moving on from here in partnership," and read through the end of page 27. (Skip the "Soil" paragraph for now, we'll come back to that.)

Next, think about your garden layout. Where are you going to put those seeds and plants you listed, so you have a strong and balanced garden?

If you need ideas on how to proceed, read pages 127-129. You don't have to get as detailed, but it will give you a starting point for determining your garden layout.

TPGW p25

2.0 Gardeners

Read the opening paragraph on page 127.

If your garden is all one "section" and not divided into parts, skip to page 129, read it and refer to the chart. Then set up the chart for your garden and find out where your seeds and plants need to go, for strength and balance.

If your garden has more than one section, continue reading page 127 and refer to the chart on page 128. Do that step. When you finish, you'll move on to page 129.

You may want to break this up into two or more sessions, depending on the size and number of sections in your garden.

TPGW p127


Returning Gut Gardeners and 2.0 Gardeners

To build on what you learned last year and to expand your perspective as you take the next step with nature for this year's garden, we suggest you also read, "Pan on Creating a Garden Environment" on pages 140-141 of your Workbook. (Note: If you've read it before, consider reading it again. You may learn something new with another year's experience and perspective.)

If you feel overwhelmed, get stuck or have questions about these instructions, call our Question Line. We enjoy helping you through blocks, and keeping the steps manageable and simple.

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