I was recommended to you last year by a zucchini. It was an excellent recommendation by a zucchini whose exceptional flavor, texture and longevity I marvelled at for weeks. The zucchini was given to me by long time friends Vivian and Albert Schatz.* Albert and I meet once a week to discuss Perelandra principles.

I began using MAP/Calibration and the flower essences about six weeks ago. My attitude to the processes can best be described by that old Biblical statement "Lord, I believe — help thou my disbelief." My mind was open but my faith marginal and fuelled mostly by the memory of the zucchini. Over the past weeks, my belief is gaining ascendancy over disbelief.

I presented the MAP/Calibration team with a chronic (12 years or so) neck stiffness, a source of on-going discomfort and frequent headaches. I had previously sought relief by a host of modalities including chiropractic, yoga, relaxation and visualization exercises — and resorted mostly to aspirin. After two weeks of MAP/Cal and flower essences, the neck stiffness was much improved. Now it is gone. I have also used essences for a budding conjunctivitis, random headaches, a severe gas pain and experienced immediate healing.

Unfortunately at this point I am clean out of health problems. So I had no choice but to begin a co-creative garden, which is now presenting sufficient problems to keep me busy with conings and essences.

I am Jamaican and have introduced Perelandra to friends there. One friend, who is also my cousin, is involved with rural community projects — animal husbandry, crafts, crops, food processing and more. All are designed to create income for the dispossessed. A wonderful laboratory for tropical co-creative endeavors and you will hear from us both on that. The fact that the devas, Pan, and the White Brotherhood offer their services at no cost will enable the process.

— A.G., Pennsylvania

* Editor's note: Vivian and Albert are friends of Clarence and mine, and recipients of some Perelandra garden vegetables — including the above-mentioned zucchini.