I do so much energy work on so many things these days, I think I may take for granted a lot of the "interesting" things that happen. A recent example of this would be my not feeling good about my job yesterday and my resolve this morning to do an Energy Cleansing on my workspace to see if that would help. It seemed to help by easing my relationship with my boss this morning, who came in wearing pretty much the same thing as I am today. I just don't feel as freaked out by my job today as I did yesterday.

A much better example of an interesting thing that happened because of the co-creative work I do is something that happened about a year ago. I'm into numbers and numerology, and I read license plates somewhat like tarot cards when I'm driving or around cars in general. I sometimes get what I believe to be "cues" (i.e., to do MAP or to remember that I have a part in my relationship with nature that I need to focus on) or "verifications" (little messages that let me know I'm doing something right) from license plates. The thing that happened a year ago was not long after I had "stepped up" my co-creative work and was talking with a co-worker/friend about co-creative gardening. This particular friend owns a good piece of land in the boonies, where he has chickens and turkeys and other animals. He has a garden that he's trying to build up to help gain both independence and purity in his efforts to sustain his family in an ecologically sound way. You'd think that co-creative work, co-creative gardening in particular, would be right up his alley, especially considering that he's part Native American, but some of my discussions with him about it haven't gone well.

On this particular day, we were coming back from lunch through the parking garage, and I was "selling" the concept of co-creative gardening to him a bit. He wasn't exactly receptive to it, and his nay-saying was fairly articulate and convincing. I was feeling insecure and exposed about what I was revealing to him about how I live my life and the positive growth I've experienced through co-creative work. Just as I was trying to defend my position, a car drove by in the garage with the alphanumeric sequence "WRIGHT1" on it. I'm serious: I took that as verification. I haven't seen a car with that license plate in our garage or elsewhere since that day almost a year ago.

— T.B., Seattle, WA