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When we humans work in partnership with nature to achieve our goals, we and our partner each have very different elements we provide one another. We provide nature the definition, direction and purpose of a goal and nature provides the matter, means and action for achieving that goal. In order for humans and nature to work well together in this partnership, there must be communication between them. At Perelandra, we have successfully helped people for almost twenty years to build a communication bridge with nature using the tool of kinesiology, or muscle testing. In order for kinesiology to work properly, we humans must ask simple yes/no questions that nature then gives the correct yes/no response to, and nature's response is "read" by us through our electrical system by using kinesiology testing.

There are times when we get backed into a corner and we don't know what yes/no question to ask nature. Or we become frustrated and feel limited with the yes/no format. Or we just want more information. This is where the Perelandra Nature Cards come in. This set of cards was put together by nature to be used as another communication tool by us. Machaelle asked nature, “If you (nature) could make available a series or list of words and phrases that would help us humans move through those times when we feel dense, like we're running around in circles and haven't a clue as to where to move next, what would it be?” The result is this deck of twenty-two key phrases. We set up with nature, ask any question or state a situation and then request nature's input through the use of the cards. So now, instead of nature “talking” to us through our electrical system, it is speaking to us through the cards. One of the things that makes the Perelandra Nature Cards such an amazing tool is that the words on the cards were chosen by nature itself.

The Perelandra Nature Cards may be used for any issue or question you might have surrounding gardens growing in soil and for any soil-less gardens you are working with. It is important that you remember that nature is communicating to you through the cards and not another human. It is also important to keep in mind when using the cards that they are giving you direction or a starting point as it applies to the matter, means and action involved with the issue or goal, and not the human definition, direction and purpose. In short, the cards are to be used to give you information about nature's side of the partnership and not our human side. For example, you may use the cards for questions and issues you might have surrounding your health. However, the cards will be giving you information from nature's perspective regarding the matter, means and action surrounding a health issue. For those of you who use MAP, the cards are not an effective tool for communicating with your MAP team. These are humans, and the cards are specifically designed to function as a communication tool between you and nature — not you and other humans.

The Nature Cards are especially useful for those situations where a yes/no question is not appropriate, when you need more information before phrasing a yes/no question or when you need to know more in order to act on the answer to such a question. Through the cards, nature can offer direction, help expand your understanding of a situation or event, or help you to discern an area that needs more focus. Incorporating the Perelandra Nature Cards into the Perelandra processes can increase the effectiveness of your communication with nature. In other words, the cards can help fill the gaps.

For those of you who have read Machaelle's book, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon and have tried to find the New Age Tarot deck that she described using for getting information from nature at solstice and equinox times, you'll be pleased to know that she is no longer using that tarot deck and has switched all such communication with nature to the Nature Cards. The Perelandra Nature Cards are a much more effective tool for these kinds of moments when "a special word from nature" would be most appreciated.

Here's what one Nature Card "user" has to say about them.

"Ya know, these cards are not only a great gift to humans, but I believe they are a great gift to nature. I was thinking the other day about how awful it must be sometimes when a person just isn't "getting it" — nature's trying every avenue to get through, but it just isn't happening. These cards are bound to ease that translation / communication. They're kind of like flash cards when going to a foreign country. One for 'bathroom,' one for 'hotel,' one for 'taxi,' etc. How cool is that?"

NOTE: As we have pointed out, the Perelandra Nature Cards are for use with gardens and soil-less gardens. They are not for communicating with your MAP team.

Here are some comments from others who have been using the Perelandra Nature Cards:

"My first experience with the Nature Cards blew my socks off. Talk about getting straight to the point. I pulled two cards that time. They were the only two cards that use the phrase "moving forward" and they related to what I was asking so clearly and exactly that I got a little spooked and it was a while before I picked up the deck again!"

"I've used the Nature Cards in times of crisis — when I was holding steady but wanted extra support and information that would keep me moving forward in a grounded way."

"These cards are a communication tool that I find invaluable because I don't ask many "yes" or "no" questions in regard to my soil-less gardens, either because I don't trust my testing or because I'm not sure how to ask in the yes/no format. These cards give me direction. Through them I'm also beginning to understand more about how very different nature intelligence is from my own. I like that. For example, with the cards that I pulled yesterday: The meaning was not instantly clear, so I put it into my own words and asked, "Do you mean ____?" or "Is another way to say that _____?" Or, "Are you talking about that troubleshooting I still need to do?" I asked these kinds of yes/no questions using muscle testing until my various questions gave me a better understanding of nature's point."

"One thing that became clear to me from using the Perelandra Nature Cards is that these are not just another tarot deck. They're not anything like a tarot deck. They're not divining the future or reminding you of something you basically already know. It's a totally new ball game. I'm not dissing tarot cards. I do believe that they have their place, and can be very helpful. But my sense of forward movement from the use of these cards is much more clear than it's ever been from any other cards, even when I've worked with nature to choose a card from another deck."

"Sometimes I have asked a question and get an answer that I can't even begin to relate to the question. But, if I asked myself 'What question does this card answer?' I'll begin to see what it was I was really asking. I asked three questions the other night, was to pull one card for each question, and I pulled the same card three times in a row after shuffling them well. When I stopped to ask myself what question I was asking, I realized the three questions were really about the same thing."

"Other times when the card hasn't made any sense at first, I leave it out where I can see it. Within the next day or so, I'll glance at the card as I walk by and go, "aha!!!"

“The cards seem to be really useful when asking questions about something where I feel I would be doubtful of my kinesiology.”

“I've used the cards when there is not a specific problem. I'd just like insight on how to best support or work toward a particular goal.”

“I like that the nature cards provide a way for me to get some direction or a starting point when I can't formulate a yes/no question about an issue or when I don't have a question other than "Where do I start?" They've been amazingly helpful at times of confusion or feeling lost in the shuffle, and at times when I see the potential for my getting lost in the shuffle and want a hint on how to maintain forward movement.”

“The cards eliminate those completely dense times. I may not fully understand the meaning of a card when I first draw it, but at the very least it gives me something to think about and focus on. That alone keeps me from simply feeling lost or confused. Having the focal point keeps me moving forward.

“The Perelandra Nature Cards have been an amazing tool for getting insight and nature's direction on any kind of project, issue or problem clearly, immediately and simply. And they boost my confidence in my ability to interact with nature intelligence. Every time I've used them, I laugh when I turn over the card(s) — they are always so right on target.”


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