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New, Updated Softcover Edition Now Available!

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If you have any interest in Perelandra and Machaelle's research, you will appreciate this book. And if you have never gardened a day in your life, refuse to eat vegetables and really love your plastic houseplants, you will still appreciate this book.

• 340 pages with over 400 color photos
• Easy-to-use 3-ring binder or eBook PDF (29 mb)
• 15 blank charts for photocopying or printing
• Replaces original Garden Workbook AND Workbook II

Introductory Excerpt Excerpt from The Workbook
Everything you know that has gone into establishing your sense of order, stability and balance, namely logic — in gardening, farming, ranching, landscaping, forestry, lawn management, pond management and in every other area of your life — will be challenged. For you see, even though The Perelandra Garden Workbook is presented through the prism of the Perelandra garden, Closing Chapter Excerpt this gardening is a metaphor for the whole of life. As you change how you approach your garden, you will, in turn, change the very fabric of how you approach everything else in your life.

View the Table of Contents and all of Part 1 here (5 mb).

"The Workbook is fabulous. It's laid out more organically and it just flows. The translations seem much clearer for me now. Just about every stumbling block I had before has been cleared up. I am so stoked. Now I really feel like I can do it without being overwhelmed. Big thank you to Machaelle!" — T.R., Question Line Caller

The eWorkbook has been updated to second edition, and includes the Perelandra ETS for Atmosphere and ETS for Water, which were developed after the Workbook was first published. Separate PDF files of all of the blank charts that are in the Workbook are available free online here.


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by Catherine
on 9/21/2014
Plants flourishing at last!
For years I had 2 small spider plants that never thrived. They had limp leaves that hung over the pot and never grew much. Putting them in different locations didn't help. I used the Garden Workbook to set up my home office as "My Work Environment" as a specialized environment. Nature indicated the spider plants elements to be included. Using the steps in the Garden Workbook I found out how the room was to be arranged, including the location of the plants. I did energy processes described in the book. Very soon after I did this those 2 spider plants took off! They put out lots of new growth (after over 10 YEARS of limply barely surviving). The new growth was completely different. The leaves were abundant and strong--no brown tips, no limp drooping over the edge of the pot, and lots of babies. These plants have amazed everyone who had seen them previously. They are a constant visual reminder of the reality and effectiveness of my conscious partnership with nature.
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